12/2/09 I recently had success with a product that I have NO affiliation with of any type at all. I'd like to but you can
get it in the grocery store so they probably will not be paying me for promoting them. I got my bottle at Albertsons.

But it works!

The product is "Homelife®" professional strength Clog Remover Gel.

I had a bathroom sink that kept slowing, slowing and almost stopping. I used a couple well known brand to clean
out the line. It helped but very little.

As a handyman, I really don't want to be repairing things around the house (but I still do). Lazy like a fox, I tried one
more time to avoid real work!

I purchased a 2 quart container of the gel. Their instructions say to pour 1/4 bottle in the drain. Being tired to this
game, I put 1/2 the container, about a quart down the drain.

They say wait 30 minutes, I let it sit over night.

Now, the drain flows perfectly! Love this.

A couple days ago, a lady called me off my Handyman ad. She had a cogged bathtub. She had tried other drain
cleaners and was ready to pay me to FIX THE PROBLEM.

As I am more honest than interested in a fast buck, I relayed the above data to her (at zero profit to me).

She replied later with an email "Well, I have to thank you so very much for the recommendation for Home Life Gel.  
It worked!"

So now YOU have the secret too. Hope this help and save you some money.

Have a great day!


PS. My attorney, like I've got one, says I have to disclaim all knowledge and responsiblity for telling the truth! So, because I'm not an
"expert" nor a lying politician, you must not follow my advice. You must follow the instruction on the label exactly under fear of
penalty or lawsuit or something terrible. If you do what I've done and have success, please don't go telling people that "Well this is
what Carl does!" I've gotten into trouble for helping people do better in life before. :-)

Got any good tips, contact me and I'll post your write up!

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