#ADHD? Exactly What is That and Other
Made up #Psych #Syndromes?

There is great profit in made up labels.  Those labels are used as a basis to
drug people especially children.

Lets step back and take a look at that practice!

What is #ADHD? Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is what it stand for.

When I read the description, I find EVERY child I've ever seen had the
“symptoms”. In other words, normal children are being given a label as an
excuse to drug our children.

You don't believe it? I'm pretty sure I can prove it even for you. By the way,
you have ADHD per the symptoms. Perhaps you should go get drugged for
the rest of your life.

What is the test for #ADHD?

There are NO scientific test. There can't be as the syndrome was made up
and voted into existence.

That someone has "ADHD" is based on opinion only.

The psychs had to get ADHD into the DSM manual so insurance would cover
it! So they voted #ADHD into existence, got it into the manual and so
insurance now covers ADHD expenses.

Sheer criminal actions! (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders
(DSM) published by the American Psychiatric Assoc.)

Apparently #psychs have never been around children not drugged!

#ADHD equals Sugar + Allergies + Electronic

Have you ever seen a child who consumed a lots of sugar? How is their
concentration? How easy are they to contain?

Have you ever let a child watch television or play video games for an
extended time? How agreeable are they? Can they get along with other
children afterwards at all?

Allergies are more difficult. Do you know a child that is allergic? Almost all are
to wheat, food coloring, dairy, #GMO, peanuts and so on.

A child having an allergic reaction is fighting for their life. Your priorities do not
exist in their universe.

Reading or homework while on sugar, after electronics while being assaulted
by toxic chemicals or foods? You must be dreaming

One other Factor: Exchange

If you give a child too much without allowing the child to give back to you, you
create a criminal.

Something for nothings is a criminal viewpoint.

If the maid cleans everything, fixes the lunches, does the laundry, what is left
for a child to contribute to the family?

Criminal actions are a likely results.

Allow the child to help you and the family. Avoid them being drugged by some
smug know-it-all fraud, a #psych!

How about The Out Right Poisoning of our Children

Fluoride and chlorine in the water?

Children are young and still struggling to control their bodies. A little poison
added daily to their diet or a huge amount from a soda and all control is lost.

Want an insane child, give them all the recommended #vaccinations!

See related article
Why Vaccines Do Not Work!

#Psychs Profit!

The #psychs know what they are doing when they drug our children. Future
profits and destruction of the very beings that should be creating the future,
our children, is their goal!

I personally know of a child put on #Ritalin. Between 8 and 9 years of age, the
child gained no weight.

Thirty years later, he's a addict, in and out of rehab! His mother, putting him
on #Ritalin, created a drug addict where she could have had a productive


All the #psych “syndromes” are made up, voted into existence. #Psych, the
entire industry, are frauds.

Ask anyone of them what their success rate is? Don't believe the lies, ask for

Ask the #psych how many of their patients are dead and why? Apparently if
you see a #psych, you're on your way out, fast!

If their drugs don't kill you, you may suicide.

Ask how many of their patients killed themselves! No worries, they will lie to
you unless you check the public records against their patients records!

The insane are the #psychs and in the name of help, they kill most people
they “help”. Their help is deadly!

#Psychs are traitors to humanity! Don't believe me, do your own research or
trust the devils! I do not state this lightly! #Psychs kill off civilizations...


If you know someone who on #psych drugs and you'd like some help, you can
CCHR International...click here.

©2013 by Carl Watts/CarlWattsArtist.com  071813 edited 072113
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