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GM and medicinal laws: how long will we be free?
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GM and medicinal laws: how long will we be free?
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psychicatry's prescription for violence
Issue No.19        Friday 10th April 2009
Watch out for the pro-GM spin

Just when we think democracy in Europe has been more or less extinguished by the centralised government of the European Union in
Brussels, we See some flickers of light in the seeming darkness. One such flicker occurred on March 2nd when the environment ministers
of all but 4 of Europe’s 27 Member States voted To support the rights of Austria and Hungary To maintain their ban on the planting of
Monsanto and Bayer’s GM maize crops. They did this in Full contravention of the desires of the European Commission and the World
Trade Organization—the policeman of the Codex Alimentarius Commission which develops global guidelines that by and large are built
around the interests of the world’s largest food producers.

The environment ministers did the decent thing because they have seen the data and know just how risky GM can be. They chose To
ignore the spin coming from the biotech companies that incessantly try To tell us—with little or no supporting evidence—that GM is
required To meet world food needs in the coming years. The ministers responded To democracy by expressing the view of the majority of
the European public as well as the small band of international, independent scientists who have managed To continue studying the adverse
effects of genetically modified (GM) foods on laboratory animals, farm animals and humans.

On 5th April, Dr Robert Verkerk from the ANH gave a keynote address at Natural Products Europe on the subject of GM crops and foods
and the influence of Codex in trying To globalise GM. The presentation specifically addressed the European natural products sector, but it
has much wider applicability. Rob Verkerk stressed the fact that the President of the European Commission, José Manuel Barrosso and a
small band of Prime Minister’s of EU Member States, hand in hand with the biotech corporations like Monsanto and Bayer, were really
putting the pressurise Not only their environment ministers but Also the public. Rob Verkerk's talk can be heard by anyone with internet
access — See the links below. It is broken down into 5 roughly 10 minute, youtube-friendly segments.

It is critical now that the people of Europe appreciate just how much pro-GM spin they will face in the coming weeks and months. Because
of this, it is more important than ever that they stay up To speed on the known and unpredictable risks associated with GM crops which
were planted on 125 million hectares worldwide in 2008.

There’s even more work To be done in the USA, the country which has given itself over To GM To a larger extent than any other. Argentina,
Brazil, Canada, China and India are Also significant players, although their usage is still dwarfed by the USA which is presently responsible
for cultivating around half of the world’s GM crops.

Being made a criminal for publishing known facts

But apart form the rays of light, we Also See further restrictions of our freedoms. Last week, the European Court of Justice passed
judgment on a case referred To it by a Danish regional court which had prosecuted a journalist, Frede Damgaard, after he had simply
recorded known facts about a rose hip product on his website. The regional court made Mr Damgaard a criminal because he breached
European medicinal law which prevents anyone making a claim for a product’s capacity To prevent or treat disease—unless of course it’s
been licenced as a drug.

But the wayward Danish court’s decision has now been turned into a European precedent. Despite the sensible, much more balanced
approach adopted by the Advocate General in the case, who argued strongly for the need To maintain freedom of the press, the judges
responsible for the final ruling decided To ignore much of this advice. The Court has ruled that a journalist—or in fact any third party—that
writes (or even speaks) about the ability of a natural health product To prevent or treat disease is in breach of the law, assuming the
product isn’t a licenced drug. That person—like Frede Damgaard—could be made a criminal. And with this ruling, how many journalists will
continue To act freely when reporting on natural products used by millions….?

Online petition on vitamins and minerals: a reminder

A reminder To European citizens: if you haven't already signed our online petition To show your concern over the European Commission's
planned imposition of EU-wide restrictions on maximum levels of vitamins and minerals—based on inappropriate science—please sign up
at the following link:

For more about recent events, click on the links below….
Natural Products Europe '09: Risks of GM crops in Europe Dr Robert Verkerk's keynote presentation at Natural Products Europe
(4/509) - now on youtube
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European Court ruling infringes freedom of speech ANH investigates two key developments that show freedom of speech is
massively threatened
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Higher dose vitamin D reduces fractures by 20% in over 65s Meta-analysis of RCTs shows that fracture prevention with vitamin D is
dose dependent
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Wi-fi networks a cancer risk, say UK teachers UK Teachers Association calls for wireless technology To be suspended in schools due
To cancer risks
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