Once, in all man's history, an idea appeared, near ultimate good
It arrived, just in the nick of time, to save man’s neighborhood.
Accepted by all, save a few, those few of the darkest mid-night
In fear, they creep, trying to stop man from freedom or delight.
Freaky and scary, they can be, ugly creatures of the deepest night.

Not from the grave, for they don’t die, they slither through time
You can trace their actions, cultures dead, planets left in slime.
A newspaper’s delight, their actions create, horrible headlines.
But goodness is here. The battle for life is well under way across the land.
A bright new force for freedom,
Scientology has arrived to help man.

This is not a war, there’s no need to kick the dogs barking
We have to hurry to put out the fire, the kindling is sparking
A calm for those who know the subject, Scientology warrants remarking.
Speak no more of the pitiful evil! They are rapidly doing themselves in!
Tho shinning some light on them, helps speed them to their just end!

Ah but a bit more about it;
Scientology has opened the door to the light
Security it brings with no end. With
Scientology, man becomes really bright.
Freedom does ring loudly for man; I know, I see it, much to my delight!
The sun will never set on Scientology; the reign of darkness is over.
We know who we are. We know what we are. Life is just in clover!

As time passes, the brilliance will spread across the land.
We’ll continue to work, endlessly to free all man
Scientology will do what is necessary, giving a helping hand.
We are responsible and we are cause.
Let get busy, don’t give any pause!

The bridge is clear, the path not stern
Create! You must study and learn
Your freedom is yours to earn.
Take your next step to final victory
Scientology! It is the way for you to be free.

©2009 Carl Watts www.carlwattsartist.com
A Contrast of Night & Day
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