A Galaxy in My Pocket

Long ago, I played creating games of size
True story this is, it’s impossible to aggrandize.

For the order of magnitude of the games was immense
My fellows would gather and the games would commence

It wasn’t your game of today except maybe in art
The guys would challenge each other right at the start

Bob, a first class creator he was, would begin
A desert, camels and castle, he thought would win
Juan looked, nice creation, but all he could do was grin.

Juan started his creation, no minor player was he!
A chalet, snow covered mountains and a single grand tree
Juan hoped for a quick and easy clear cut victory.

Rachel, the beauty amongst the creators, planned
A moon over the bay, palm trees waving over the sand
Rachel looked at the others and knew her creation was grand.

Last was a modest fellow, nay, a boastful giant was he.
A moon was good, deserts, some mountains covered with tree
A full planet with a sun, his fun had just begun, in view the victory.

The game went back and forth, details and aesthetics created
Each took turn at bettering his fellow,

adding new creations, not dated
The space was filling;

their desire for the game still wasn’t sedated.

The boastful giant was gentle and kind indeed!

He was a player of old
Didn’t want to make less of his fellow creators,

their creations so bold
He motioned to his fellows; see what I have here in the fold

He reached into his pocket, pulled out a galactic watch, very old
There in his palm, the watch, a galaxy spread,

its grandness unfold
The fellows looked at one another, the verdict was told.

They were amazed, grandness and detail in one.
The fellows agreed; all knew the game was won.
The giant put the galaxy back into his pocked,

smiling like a sun.

Each of the fellows vanished,

down to inhabit their mocked up space.
One to the castle, one to the chalet, one to the harbor boat race
The giant relaxed, in his mocked up creation,

the vastness of space.

At the ends of what can be seen,

when you look today is blackness
The darkness at the end,

just the cover on the watch’s vastness
The giant is awake opening the watch,

he’ll vanquish the darkness

A new brilliance is dawning across the vastness of space for man
The giant is playing again

urging us to great heights across the land
Wake up man! I need fellows to play great games!

That’s my plan!

You know the world is yours! Let’s pretend!

Be not serious, I deplore!
Each of you can have a galaxy in your pocket,

decline no more!
You just have to create, be cause, rise up,

step out through the door!

This has got to end with the beginning.
We must create, create, create, start winning!
The ending must turn into a new beginning!

I see it’s time!
See the brilliant opening of my rhyme!
It is our time!

Your life, create!
Your future, create!
A galaxy in your pocket, create!

©2009-2013 Carl Watts
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