Alerting People Beyond #AwesomeTeam

It was after midnight when I started writing this.  I had suddenly realized how
few people I was reaching.

I need your help!

What percentage is Sixty thousand compared to Seven Billion?

I used to be super at math, but figuring this out stretched my brain. It comes
out to be something like .0008% of mankind.

That was a bit disheartening. While I feel we are making huge impact, it's like
throwing grains of sand into the ocean and watching for the waves to cross to
the other shore. The wave doesn't ever reach the other shore.

We need to step up the order of magnitude.

If all, I mean all my followers RT'd my content, that's never going to happen so
lets hope 10,000 of them will act! If they have an average of 2,000, that
means I will reach potentially, two million people.

We are falling short by three zeros at least! Reaching 2 billion would move the

I'm not asking for money!

This is our planet! It doesn't belong to the banksters or bigpharma. They think
it does.

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Conflicts on Earth!

So how big can you think?

Are you prepared to lay down and give up? Or will you help me reach billions?

I'm working hard at growing #AwesomeTeam. I devote all my spare time
(almost all :-) to Twitter and spreading truth.  When I'm not working, that's a
huge amount of time!

Will you help, just a little?

The Future

Our future will be created by our actions or inactions.

Letting the government handle things is a rocket ride to hell. Obama is clearly
out to destroy this nation. If you're a liberal, please pardon my offence. I only
write what I know is truth!

Do something or do nothing. Don't complain if you do nothing!

©2006-2013  by Carl Watts/ 0073113
Articles, information by @Poet_Carl_Watts  #KnowledgeIsPower! #AwesomeTeam
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