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A Conversation with The Creator
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"Art by Alex Lake"
A Conversation with The Creator
Page created 2/18/09 modified 4/1/09
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I had a conversation with The Maker last night.  He wanted me To pass something on To everybody.  I have To say,
the Thought is flattering, but I wasn't sure how To go about it.

I mean, its Not exactly the sort of situation where you and The Ultimate Creator sit down for coffee is it? He was friendly
of course, but I can't pretend it wasn't awkward.  What do say To the highest being in this universe when he
materializes and tells you he has an essential message To the survival of everything? "Yes, that's very nice.  Would you
like a cup of tea?”  I don't think so.  But in my defense, I was off guard, and I couldn't think of anything else To say.

So here I am, with The Creator in my living room, commenting on the quality of my furniture, while I'm desperately
hoping he's going To get To the point.  I'm Not inhospitable, but it was very late and his ever present glow was starting
To hurt my eyes.

He finally piped up.  "We've got, er, sort of a situation."  He paused, but I wasn't about To interrupt him.

"You See, things are somewhat, um... Well they're going a bit To crap in the world."

More silence from me.

"The problem is The Artists."

At this I raised my eye brows.  "Pardon?" was all I could muster.

He could tell I had taken offense, and started To backtrack.  "No no, Not how you think.  I created Artists To be the
creators of your world, the continuation of my original design.  In fact, I even gave you the power To put anything new
you wanted into it."

I kept a steady gaze and took a drink of my tea.

"The problem is, I designed it so that EVERYONE could be an Artist, but somewhere along the line things got all
bungled up.  Nowadays I See a few amazing beings out there, and the rest are just living life aimlessly or have given up
on creating."

He paused and gave me a look that said, "This is where you agree with me, because I'm all knowing."  But I was feeling
bolder now, maybe because of the tea, and I wasn't about To give him the satisfaction.

"Well, you gave us virtue, sin, and freewill, and you expected us To get it right on the first try?"

He glanced down and nursed his cup of tea.  I just stared on back and waited for his reply.

"You See, the one thing I wasn't counting on is that you would all be so damn SHY.  I've given you the power of ultimate
creation, and all I get back is that you aren't good enough To use it?"

I started To answer, but something that he had Not been able To say for eons was surfacing, and he plowed straight
through any retort I had.

"I laid out the rules, I inspired the scribes and priests To preach them, but for some reason, more people chose bad
than good. It was overwhelming.  Now it's getting on To the final hour, and our only chance is To get The Artists To
change things."  He sipped at his tea and continued his explanation.

"That's why I've come To you. I need you To spread the word To all of The Artists.  I need you To tell them To START.  
All of the doubts and considerations need To be thrown aside, because we haven't the time To waste."

He gave it a moment To let it sink in, but my heart had started pounding and I couldn't quite think straight. "And you
want ME To do this?!"

"I've been watching you, and I can See that you aren't swayed by others opinions, you're Not afraid To create what you
think and feel.  That's the kind of person I need."

It hit me like a ton of bricks. "Jesus Christ."

The Creator brightened up, "Yes! Just like him!"

I couldn't think with the magnitude of what I was being told, and I certainly had no words that could express my feelings,
so I did the only thing I always felt safe doing.

"More tea?"  I picked up the kettle and filled The Creator's cup.  Social pretenses were my last resort To keep my sanity.

"Listen," he said, in the same light and calm tones that he never seemed To deviate from, "This is the only way To fix
things. And I have looked at all of the choices, you're the best candidate.  You need To tell all of The Artists of this
world that its time To throw off the gloves.  Throw away all of the doubts, get rid of all of those who tell you that you
can't, and just START."

And with that, he was gone.  A blast of light, a lingering glow, and it all faded back To normal.  Except now I felt a
certain clarity.  I knew my message, I knew who I needed To tell, and I was sure I could do it.  But how on earth would I
go about it.

And then as if The Creator were giving me one last wink, like an amusing moment between two good friends, it came
To me.  I smiled as I realized it.  I just needed To START.

Copyright ©2009 Alex Lake , All Rights Reserved  
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