Standard Medical Solution

The standard practice of medicine is to treat your aliments, your aches and
pains, the symptoms!

If you have an infection, medical professionals will provide you with immune
killing antibiotics. Often the antibiotics will handle the infection. Though too
frequently the antibiotics do not handle the infection and you have to get a
second round of stronger antibiotics!

By the way, what caused the infection? Sometimes it is obvious, a cut etc,
but sinus infection or infection of your lymph system, what is the cause?

After antibiotics, as a side effect, with your immune system
greatly damaged
or completely destroyed
,  you are set up for another future infection.

Remember you don't know the cause of the original infection so how will you
prevent it from coming back?

Now having a weakened or destroyed immune system, you will get another
infection or something!

Thus, you'll get more antibiotics and further destroy your immune system. But
it's so profitable for the medical/pharma industries!

Antibiotics almost guarantee future visits to the medical doctor's office and
more drugs or antibiotics!

A lump growing on your head!

Standard medical reaction would be many expensive test to find out what it

There are no medical test to find out why you have it or what caused it that
I'm aware of.

Do they care what caused the lump? I suspect many do care what it is, how
to kill or remove the lump. They will biopsy it, ex-ray, CT scan, MRI scan etc.
Then you will get antibiotics, surgery, radiation, and or chemotherapy.

The lump could be “per-cancerous” which is most profitable!

But why is the lump there? I don't believe most of medical professionals care
about that. There are always the exceptional medical professional that do
care and want to help prevent illnesses. But prevention is not profitable!

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Pain in The Back

About a month ago, I had pains in my back. Did I go to an MD, hell no!

I went to my
chiropractor/nutritionist. He found an old head injury as stressing
my body. He suggested as set of supplements to handle the problem. He
also adjusted my back and related structure. He's very good. As a side note,
he's my friend!

After a week, I was no better. I went back for another adjustment!

While I was there, I asked him to check for what else might be messing with
my body!

In testing, my body was found to be allergic to the nightshade family of
vegetables! Never in the past had my body been allergic to nightshades.
Peanuts, yes, still is. Most people are allergic to peanuts but they don't know

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Still no better!

I went back again and had another adjustment. Let me point out, between
adjustments of the spine etc and correct supplements, aliments vanish very

After the adjustment, the supplements were the same, so I asked myself what
else could be causing the problems?

Mary Helps!

Mary is my wife in case you don't know. She was an RN and also practiced
Nutritional Response Testing!

I thought what could be effecting my body. Recently I had been eating a lot of
pistachios. I mean a huge amount for some time. That was a change.

Mary tested me and it was found these pistachios interfered with the bodies
electrical or neural circuits!

What was bothering me was the pesticides on the pistachios. Who would
have thought!

So I eliminated all my beautiful pistachios!

I was getting better but still it was slow.

Toxic Armchair Pads

What else could it be?

I was at my desk and I noticed an irritation in my right elbow. I wondered if
possibly the foam rubber or the covering was toxic. I yawned for about 45
seconds so I knew I was correct.

So I took precaution and covered the pads with wash clothes.

Later, I had Mary test me with the clothe there and without it protection.

Sure enough, there was something toxic in my pads. They went into the trash.


This has been a very stubborn problem. Normally, things handle very fast. I'm
sure I'm missing something still.

I'm pretty much all better. I went back to my chiropractor and see if there are
further things that need to be handled.

Supplements were reduced so that means I'm on track.

Though I did pick up a sinus infection, probably from cutting synthetic boards
loaded with silica without a mask.

A new supplement was added. This was last week. The infection in my
sinuses is pretty much gone, much better!

You might notice, I do not use drugs as they are ALL toxic.

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Elimination of Toxins

A big solution to body problems is the elimination of toxins and the input of
correct nutrition and or supplements!

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I am a health coach. I know a lot. But sometimes I require the help of my most
awesome wife and friend
Mike Spearman, Chiropractor and Nutritionist!

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