Every year my wife, Mary, sends flowers to various family members on her side as well as my side.

A flower that makes a big hit is the Amaryllis.

A couple year ago, I purchased this one at Costco. It came in a huge glass planter.

After it stopped blooming, I kept watering it.

Later I transferred it to my garden. That has paid off! Now it is blooming again. I don't know if this is a late bloom or an early bloom but it
looks like it is going to be spectacular!  

Each day, I will update the progress of this awesome flower. Follow along, it's beautiful and I have never seen one so large!

First day photo, taken 4/30/12. The most recent photo was 6/10/12 and is the second set of blooms. Notice the original stalk behind
these blooms! This plant is a winner!

There is new growth which I believe will be even more blooms. I'll keep you posted!
Day Two: It's misting today,  5/1/12
Night picture 5/2/12
Day 3
5/4/12 afternoon picture,
Day 5
This is a close up of the bloom on the left in the above picture.                                          These are my avocado trees.
A couple of my trees are about four foot tall :-)
Day 6, 5/5/12
Day 7, 5/6/12
Close up of bloom on the left in the above shot.
Day nine, 5/8/10 This 4 pictures show how big
these flowers are!
Day 10, 5/9/12 Look at day 9 to see how big this plant is!
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