Animals and Owners

I get along extremely well with animals.

It is my firm opinion that you can be friends with the average animal except
when they are starving or see you as a snack.

I also believe that much of the fear animals have of man is because man has
been hostile. Life learns.

But with some work, wild animals can become friends.

Domesticated animals have come to depend on man to some degree just as
we depend on them. They should not be and normally are not psychotic.

I don't want to forget the disclaimer: These are my opinions and are not meant
to cure or diagnose your case. Though I can work miracles, I can't heal or cure
anything. Only you can heal or cure yourself.

Now on with the recording of my observations and mutterings about life...

I met a horse named Max some time ago for the first time. Max was purchased
by a friend of mine.

I called Max over and told him I was going to take his picture. He came over.
Scroll down to see his picture below the text.

Psychotic Animal  

The other day, a little ankle biter came rushing up to me barking hysterically. I
faced the dog and he stopped moving towards me. I spoke to the dog and he
continued to bark hysterically. But he stopped being aggressive, I thought.
The moment I turned to walk away, he came up and attempted to bite my
ankle. He got my sock and made only minor contact with my body.

So I turned to face him again and basically I was willing to hurt the dog even
though the owner was 20 feet away babbling at her psychotic dog.

When she saw the dog was in danger, she came and got him and put him in
the house. She said nothing about him trying to rip off my sock .

I didn't say anything to her about the minor bite. I shouldn't have turned my
back on an insane animal.

But it did bring to memory the other two times, in 62 years, that I've been

A little more about the owner. She was a single lady about 40 to 50 years old.
In my universe, that alone makes her suspect of being crazy. Her dogs
psychotic behavior almost guarantees she is psychotic too!

Twenty-Five Years Ago

The time before, twenty-five years ago, I was at a party. The hosts were
friends of mine with the lady of the house having grown up with my older kids.
The lady was covertly hostile. The husband matched her pretty well. Neither
were very trustworthy in my universe. (To this day, I don't trust either of them
as far as I can spit though they are socially connected and respected by many.
Just don't turn your back on either or you may get bitten!)

Their dog, a Rottweiller, nipped my calf as I went by. They tied the dog up. I
remained at the party only a short while as the dog kept insanely barking and
trying to get loose. I had my pocket knife and intended to kill the dog if it broke
free and attacked. There was no sanity in that dog.

The point here is the insane behavior of the dog matching the insane behavior
of the owners.

Fifty Years Ago

The first time, I was a teenager delivering newspapers to some apartment
buildings as I did six afternoons a week. The old lady let her dog out as I was
handing her the paper. To my amazement, the dog ran behind me and bit me.

No mere nip but a good bite and it hurt. So thereafter if that dog was outside,
her paper was thrown, with as much force as I could muster, as I charge the
dog on my bike. The dog and  owner were insane.

Anti-Social Animals

Another example, I know a lady with two dogs and a cat. She is pretty much
anti-social. Her cat is definitely anti-social. Her dog, though friendly enough
despite his annoyingly loud bark, flinches anytime I try to pet him.

Her other dog is friendly but she got him after he was grown and raised my
someone else.

Animals mimic their human owners emotionally and in terms of level of sanity
or insanity.

Animals read your emotions. If you're in anger, covert hostility, fear, or lower,
your animal will be insane as are you to greater or lesser degree. No you're
not totally insane because you're often anger. But you are on your way.

You need to make a firm decision to become more up toned, cheerful.  Stop
being negative, angry and so on. It can be done with a decision! Take some
positive steps in your life to HELP OTHERS!

My Pets and Theories

All the dogs I have had, there were several, were friendly and protective but
protective only when there was accurate reason. See
Beyond Human True
Tales-Making a Strange Friend.

Do animals read your mind? It is my opinion they do probably better than
people do because people deny the perception of others thoughts! Animals
don't. See
Beyond Human True Tales-Cat Communication, “Jack”. Scroll
down this page to see a picture of Jack below the text!

My cat will take up with anyone. My previous cats were the same way.

Interestingly enough my family is also friendly and sane.

Crazy People Ruining the Personality of Animals

So guys if your insane, please protect the public from your animals!

And if you're insane, hopefully you haven't already ruined your family. Stay
away from them. Go to a mountain top or desert and get out of your case.
Become closer to normal. You can do that.

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Do not visit your local shrink! Psychs will either drug, shock, cut you or all
three. You will get worse, guaranteed!

Need some assistance, I can help.

Just want a positive activity to help you pull yourself up?

Pictures of a couple of my friends below all the text :-)

©2011  by Carl Watts/ 8/8/11 edited 20513
This is Max my friend's horse
Articles, information by @Poet_Carl_Watts  #KnowledgeIsPower! #AwesomeTeam
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This is Jack, my cat :-)