So What Do You Do With a Dippy Day, a Dippy Life?

Here you are doing a job or doing anything you don’t want to do, even living a life you don’t want to live.

You dream of what you have always wanted to do, what you were “born” to do: “Your Thing.” And then...JUNK
comes pouring in -- Voices that you keep telling “SHUT UP!” “GO AWAY!” “LEAVE ME ALONE!” Thoughts you don’t
want to think. Pictures from black holes of your mind you never want to see again but always come back to haunt
you. Dumb stuff dumping on YOUR space (not the “real world” space), surrounds you like you’re stuck in the middle
of a black balloon; pressing, pounding, mashing in on your head, your very body. Black-tar junk making you feel
trapped in a box that will never go away.

And inside all of that is YOU screaming silently “HELP! Get me OUT of here!”

You let that go on for a while. At last you’re fed up. You in your tiny space, stuck in the middle of the junk are now
SWELLING MAD.  You get bigger and bigger and bigger.

You mock up a gargantuan bulldozer. You rev it up and start pushing the voices and black-tar junk away. You keep
pushing and pushing. You see a pinhole of light in your space. You keep shoving the junk off - more space opens,
more light. You feel a hint of power coming from YOU.

You shove more and more and more. Now there’s more light in your space.

“It’s working! It’s opening!” Your dream seeps in. You swell with power.

You mock up a gale-force wind. The junk creaks and moans as you start to blow it off from around you. It resists your
power. You expand and admire its insistence to keep you trapped. You expand more into a huge golden light. You
permeate the junk like sunlight sifts through a morning mist. It starts to break up. You turn the remaining gray crumbs
purple, then green, then orange, then blue. They dissolve into nothing. You look around. Your space (not the “real
world”space) is clear. You’re no longer fighting a trap. You realize you are YOU and nothing else, not your body, not
your mind and can make your dreams come true. The door to your future is open and you can make it what you will.

Anne Fewell
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