This clock was created using two pieces of wood that used To be part of a door jam. I purchased this from an old man's family when they
were selling the family home. I cut the two dark pieces from their original length down To about 26 inches. The overall height is 30 inches
and it is about 17 inches wide at the bottom. All the wood that is visible is mahogany. The top is made from recycled crate materials. The
bottom and back are made from a damaged piece I purchased new. The damage is cracks that run horizontal in the wood. The final
finish is paste wax over Varathane. I used a colored wax in the case To make the new and recycled crate material darker To more
closely coordinate with the old wood.

Below are close up pictures of the carvings at the bottom and a picture of the unfinished woods. If anyone knows what style this is,
please let me know.

I've ordered a face and hands. I'll post pictures of the finished product when they are received.
To the right and just above it are pictures of the unfinished
wood. The antique door jam material including the carved part
originally had some type of finish. The majority of this was
removed prior To my obtaining the wood.

I have no idea how old it is but when I originally saw it, I knew
that I could do something with it. I like how it has turned out!

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