Are You a “Thinking” Person?

Do you consider yourself a thinking person? Do you analysis things? Do you
weigh the risk verse the benefits?

Do you figure things out? Please continue reading!

I know people that agonize over details. They worry over every “what if” and
so on.  

Some people are so busy thinking they never do anything. I'm sure you've
seen some of these people.

All day they are busy but nothing gets done! But I bet they considered every
aspect of the pros and cons of any action.

Perhaps thinking about every detail is not always wise?


Have you ever been in an emergency, someone pulls in front of your moving

How much time did you think about avoiding them? Did you weigh your

Or did you just SEE and take the correct evasive action?

Where was the thinking?


Today, I went out a door and didn't notice a young lady right behind me. She
was very fast. She had not been there when I started out the door!

Since I didn't notice her, I failed to hold the door for her. Yes, holding the door
for people is good manners! I do it all the time.

However the young lady was not phased at all, she went through the swinging
door without touching it.

I perceived her behind me and apologized for failing to hold the door.

She had nothing on that. She had merely gone through the swing door without
thinking about it. She did this successfully!

My point is that she had not thought about it. She had acted successfully. She
was young and cute which helped me keep my smile :-)

Thinking, is it over rated?

I know that when I can't sleep, I think. I don't think this "thinking" is productive. I
think "thinking" when I consider I should be sleeping is counter-productive!

A driver can not think about every action. If you thought about all factors of
turning the curve, I doubt you'd make it!

No, you just see the curve and go around it.

So Are You a “Thinking” Person?

At this point, I need to clarify the difference between “reacting” and “acting!”

Have you ever seen anyone that flinched when they saw a police car behind
them? That's a reaction. If they're speeding, it's a correct reaction. If they are
doing no wrong, why the flinch? It's a reaction. It is not sane nor analytical.

Action, acting correctly upon seeing a situation, is very sane.

I've seen an object being tipped over and reached out an stopped it. Is that a
reaction or just me acting? I saw and did CORRECTLY.

That is the difference. When the cop pulls you over, does he treat you like a
citizen? That would be observing and acting sane.

Or does he pull you over and automatically treat you like a criminal? That is
reacting and is insane.

If you need more examples, let me know. Additional data in related article

Reaction is action that doesn't necessarily fit the situation. Acting (seeing and
acting) always is correct for the situation.

So are you a thinking person? Or do you act often without thinking at all?

I am a person of ACTION!

Yes I do think sometimes but it sure slows me down!

Look around, thinking people are slow if they move at all.

Trust Yourself

When you see, act.

You will be right almost all the time. If you feel you need to stop action and
think, do so.

Stop and think twice is horrible advice!

Basically what you're missing is you are powerful and you are right! See
related article

Don't listen to those people that tell you to think before you act.

If you're reacting, you will never do any thinking and your reaction will most
often be wrong action.

Want more on this, ask me?

Thinking people, people that react wrongly do not help our civilization.

People of action do help our civilization!

Let me know if there's a subject you need to know more about, a question
you'd like expanded on or anything you'd like to see me write an article about.
Happy to do so as I'm always looking for new ideas. Contact me via this site by

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