The following are some different short stories. Enjoy!

True Love and a cup of Coffee

Miss - I will have bacon scrambled eggs and toast
Yes Sir - She walked away rolling her hips.

You are going To have To kill her.
I am Not going To kill her.
You have To kill her and Today.
I Love Sherry - I am Not going To kill her.
She will tell the cops. The cops will tell the mob. Either way you and I are dead.
I Love her - I will Not kill her.
Then you and I are both dead men - Get it?

Bernie was ugly with a soul black as tar and evil To boot.
OK Bernie I will kill her
Good - go now and shoot her.
OK - I will kill her Today

I Pulled out the .38 and shot him in the face.

The waitress dropped the plate of eggs and was frozen in terror.

Then she screamed.

I waited outside for the cops. Soon there would be sirens

Sherry would have all the money she would be safe and no one would ever know.

God I loved her so. What a terrible power is romance. - Hotter than coffee - faster than a.38.

Patrick Nickolas Zara  2007

Romance and Death in the Afternoon


You are Not a Medic.

I am a Navy Nurse

He is a dead man isn't he?

Help me get him on the chopper.

Corporal Tim Stoner a 19 year old rifleman - soon To die.

Probably has a girlfriend named Jane who will cry all her life.

Well sorry Janie I said - Sometimes your lover dies. Death in the afternoon.

The Gods smiled - Fate was turned away - Love did conquer this time.

They have 3 children now and live in Seattle. Sometimes love does conquer all.  Sometimes Miracles
do happen.  Sometimes Infinity does smile.

Sometimes its love in the afternoon.

Patrick Nickolas Zara 2007

The Serial Killer

Forgive me Father for I have sinned. I have never been To confession before.

God Loves you my Son

I have killed 4 women in three years and I cannot stop
Tell me more my Son
I just strangle them - Really it is no big deal
Do you feel you did wrong my Son?
Well No, Well Yes - I would look in their eyes as they were dying and I felt their
sorrow and pain. But I cannot stop. I try To stop but I keep killing I can't stop
I Love killing women but I must stop.

Well my Son - The Priest sighed - Try cutting their throats, yes it is messy
but somehow more fulfilling.
Yes Father - But I want To stop totally. Maybe their is something wrong with me.

No My Son - Psychiatry says for you To fulfill your strongest desires.
I think we need To send you To Earth.

Well will it help me?

Yes my Son.
Soon Ted Bundy would arrive

Patrick Nickolas Zara

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