Articles Written For You                  02/18/2014

This is purely a commercial article!

I will write articles for you. I will credit you for the title and any
information or ideas you submit.

You article will appear here on my site unless we agree otherwise.
This is covered below.

Your Investment

Writing is a creative activity. If you are approaching me to write for
you, I assume you have some familiarity with my writing style or lack

For a basic article of 500 words or more, you will need to submit via
Paypal $
250.00 in advance.  

I will write the article and allow you to preview within three days or

Once you approve, the content will be posted on my site and
promoted on Twitter and other social networks as rapidly as possible.

Your contact information and or website can be included it you like.

Ghost Writing

If you wish me to write articles for you that will not appear here, your
investment is $
400.00 per basic article.

Longer Articles

I will write longer articles if you like. Depending on how much
research is required, articles will be written starting at the basic rate
of $
1.00 per word with a minimum of $250.00 submitted in advance.
Details will be confirmed via email.

As a general rule, I do not accept technical materials for ghost writing.
If you have something you want me to develop for you, we can
discuss your ideas.

It is your responsibility to copyright or otherwise protect your ideas
and information if you wish to do so.


You may use the contact form on the upper right or email me by
clicking here.


Should you be unhappy and request a refund, you will be require to
sign a release of all rights, title and interest in the article(s) I created.
Refunds will be promptly refunded. All future service will be denied.

©2006-2014 Carl Watts 021814
Articles, information by @Poet_Carl_Watts  #KnowledgeIsPower! #AwesomeTeam
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