The Artist and Reality

I feel art, aesthetics, and beauty play a big part in what is good about this

The artist deals in aesthetics. He runs into trouble when he has to deal with
the reality of food, shelter, and today, money. In some areas, he is dealing
with war, bombs and slavery!

The artist who is trying to create aesthetics is already forced to deal with
physical universe materials and thus he can be severely limited his ability to
“just create”. Have you ever tried to take clay or charcoal and make a
creation that matched what you envisioned in your mind? The difficulty you
may have experienced is what I am talking about!

Add in the “I must make money to survive,” and that can end the artist's art!

So often, the artist becomes the clerk or the construction worker to merely
survive. His art is lost due to “reality.”

I feel art, aesthetics, and beauty can play a big part in improving mankind!
See my 2009 poem "
What I want To Accomplish"

Thus, I am promoting art, at no charge, with the certainty that where we put
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