The tale starts off bright and light
A fairy tale story with even bright nights
The King and Queen wanted a child
A daughter was born by the river Nile.

The child was so bright,
Her birth created so much delight
Happy, they named her Aurora after the dawn
Her beauty amazed, she was constantly gazed upon.

The whole story is a dream
The kingdom was alive it was seen
When the great event occurred, happiness abound
The princess born, kingdom’s subject gathered around

All is going supper well, except for some dirty play
Aurora was charming the subjects, then exiled the next day
It was a horrible affair
There was evil in the air.

From Hancock Park she was exiled
No more walks, the kingdom was hostile
Her faithful Nanny took Aurora through a wooded trail
Got her through safely to Glendale, Aurora wagged her tail.

That was long ago, in the past
Now you know how the story went at last
To protect the innocent, Aurora change her name to Apple
Apple’s dating now; soon it looks like she be heading for the chapel.

Life goes on and soon there will be more
Surely, a new child will appear on the shore
And once more there will be joy in the air
Everyone will gather for the happy affair.

©2009 Carl Watts
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1/11/09, 1/21/09, 3/19/09
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