Autism:  What is it?

I have been interested in nutrition, supplements for over 30 years. I’ve read extensively. I’m trained as a Nutrition Response Tester. A cure
for “autism” would be incredible; the prevention of “autism” is even more important for the future of mankind. Read on to see why I say this.

I’ve done some mild research and, apparently, Autism appears to be a neurological disorder that affects social behavior. But is it?

What causes Autism?

It is a common consensus that the exact cause is not known but several are suspect.

•        When did Autism first appear?

First Autism is a psychiatric term. Autism appeared broadly in the 1940s and then the statistics on the number of incidents went way up.
1993-2003 recorded an 800% in crease. I suspect the accuracy of their statistics. However there is a clear rise in the number of horrific
incidents of children that are not normal.

Changes that have happened during that time period that comes to my mind:

Commercialization of a huge percentage of the food supply. This has dramatically lowered the quality of nutritional value and added toxins
to the food supply.

The food industry has pushed off on America the ideas that certain foods are healthy and others are not. Their efforts are totally profit
motivated. What to do with corn? High Fructose corn syrup, corn oil, margarine are a few of the unhealthy products them came up with.

  • Monosodium Glutamate

MSG started being used after a conference in Chicago in 1948. It is another toxic drug being added to your children's food. Little children
are often given snack foods loaded with this drug!
Monosodium Glutamate and Autism, The Erb Theory.

  • Gluten

The government food pyramid which pushed grains and carbos as the things to eat the most. The gluten in the grains cause many
problems and are linked directly to “autism” not to mention linked to obesity.
Click to view article.

Adding synthetic fertilizers and spraying crops with toxic chemicals, pesticides and fungicides.

Genetically modifying foods, hormones fed to the animals. Of course their “no difference” in the milk. “Synthetics are always as good as
natural” or so the chemical companies would have us believe.

•        Vaccines and drugs

Big pharma has pushed more and more vaccines on the public. Have they worked? That’s a different article but the side affects of them is
pretty well documented and I believe the huge amount of actual damage has been hidden and suppressed by big phama and the

Dr. Wakefield’s study -- which suggests there may be a link between the MMR vaccine, bowel disease, and more!

The number of vaccines have gone up and up. The frequency of vaccination has gone up. Big pharma is famous for inventing reports
reflecting good results and hiding bad. They’re being sued left and right because of their criminal misrepresentations and outright lies
causing permanent damage and deaths.

“The number of shots given to infants under 15 months of age has tripled in the last 15 years, from 7 to 21.”

Big pharma has educated the medical establishment. They have mixed and crossed financial ties. Many Doctors profit by drug sells.
Vaccines are drugs. Drugs are poisons-a little stimulates, more sedates, more kills. The solution to illnesses is not drugging the symptom
but providing nutrition so the body can heal itself. Drugs do not cure.

•        Environmental pollution.

Toxins have increased and increased. Man’s body was not built to handle all the toxins that man has invented, put into the water supply,
into the air and into our food.

There are many industries responsible for this; too many to mention in this brief essay.

"On average, for each 1000 lb of environmental mercury released, there was a 43% increase in the rate of special education services
and a 61% increase in the rate of autism."
Click to view article.

Chemtrails, not contrails, while they may not be linked to “autism” they are a huge danger to man in areas where the government are
conducting experiments on you and me.

  • Fluoride!

A huge specific that comes to mind was around 1945 when fluoride started being added to much of America’s water (by the way, the idea
of using
fluoride to subdue a population came from the Nazis in the 40s).

  • Sun screen

In 1944 Coppertone was introduced. This was followed by more "effective sun blockers". They also blocked the production of vitamin D!

  • High Fructose Corn Syurp-Mercury

Mercury has been found in HFC. Huge amounts of HFC is consumed by mothers and often given to children. Not a good idea. Fructose
was introduced in mid 70s.

  • Aluminum

Aluminum is extremely toxic and has been used in vaccines for a long time. Aluminum prevents the body for eliminating mercury.

A cure for neurological damage may not be possible. Man doesn’t have the technology to do a lot of nerve damage repair. I do
believe that it is possible, with the elimination of toxins and the ingesting of high quality foods, an “autistic” person can improve. Basically
you have a person with a damaged body. Help the person with optimum nutrition and love to overcome the damage.

I believe that adding toxins, while it may make the person appear more normal IE drugging the child or adult, is adding injury
to past injury.

Prevention of autism is not simple. Because of the high influence big pharma, the chemical industries, the commercialized food
industry and the medical industry have on education, influence on the media and on the government, people will find this data not
convincing. You can’t rely on the medical field, the fda or any one source for data. For example the fda is in their pockets and often fda
personnel are on big pharma payrolls.

The media must promote drugs or die financially. Count the drug/chemical ads in any magazine!


People need to avoid toxins that may damage their unborn child and not allow toxins to be applied to their infants.

By this is mean:
    1.        No vaccines
    2.        No unfiltered water
    3.        Organic foods and sunshine
    4.        Consultation with a muscle testing nutritional expert at the first signs of trouble.
    5.        No pesticides around the child or mother to be
    6.        Caution about plastics, new carpets, paints, etc
    7.        Avoidance of the medical profession and their inclination to drug anything/everything; avoid even antibiotics as they wreck
    your immune system.

Will this work? I believe it will. “Autism,” damaged young bodies, were less frequent a century ago. Most of the degenerative diseases
were less before the heavy industrialization.

If you would like references for any of the points I made, I invite you to research them yourself. Don’t trust the data I may give you. If you’ve
researched and would like my data sources, contact me.

The symptoms called “Autism” are horrific, terrible. Any parent with a child in this condition is in a living hell.

I knew one child like this. He died an early death which may have been the best for him and his parents. Although, the loss of a child is a
pain no one ever wishes to experience nor for anyone to experience!

I wish you well.


    None of this should be considered medical advice,
    recommendation for treatment or lack of treatment. None
    of this will cure anything. And of course the FDA would
    never approve of good advice!
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