Beyond Human True Tales

Crashing Electronics and Machines

The First Crash

The first time I observed this was in 1985. I was starting a business in the
camper in my drive way.

I was doing data entry on a “Fat Mac,” an early Apple Computer, my very first!

My one year old awesome daughter came in and demanded daddy's
attention. I was trying to work. She insisted and unfortunately, I got angry.
(Today, I look back and see how inappropriate that was!)

At that instant, the computer sounded “BING” and went dead. I lost two thirds
of my work! Better I should have taken a break and shown some love for my

Crashing the Printer

A couple years later, I started some letters printing. Back then it was a dot
matrix printer that was slow. I used form letters and had to manually redo the

It was lunch time. So I started the letters printing and left.

A few minutes later with a sinking feeling, I realized I didn't change the date
which meant the letters would have to be reprinted!

When I reached my destination, I called the office as asked if the letters were
still printing. My friend check and said no, the printer had stopped.

I asked how many had printed. The number printed took about the same
amount of time that passed between me starting them printing and realizing
the error on the date! There is no doubt that I crashed the printer from a
distance of about two hundred yards!

Crashing Three Printers

I was working for a private school. I wrote a document and needs to get it

First I tried printing on my personal printer. It jammed and wasn't responding.

I was in a rush, so I tried printing from my wife's printer in the next office. It
jammed also.

So next, I tried printing on the work horse copy machine/printer in the main
office. I jammed that one too.

I realized my body was in a state of anxiety as my blood sugar was low. I ate,
calmed the body down and the printers resumed functioning.

Other Times

I'm now more computer friendly. But there have been so many crashes that
are all the same. Something happens I don't like and machines malfunction
and crash!

My First Motor Cycle

I purchased a used old bike. It worked fine and was very serviceable.

One day, I decided I wanted a new motorcycle.

A very short time later, I was gently taking off after a stop, I changed gears at
an normal speed.

There was a crunch and oil ran out all over the place as the transmission fell

I got my new bike a little while later.

Trashing a Toyota

It was the same scene as the motor cycle. I wanted a new car.

Very shortly, the transmission started making noise. I kept driving as I control
machines. Machines don't control me.

My wife, a very powerful being, decided the noise was “too much” and said

At that exact instant the transmission locked up and both front tires screeched
the car to a halt!

We had it towed and got a new transmission!

On the Reverse Side

A friend could not get her car to start. I told her I could start it. She gave me
her keys and followed me down to her car.

I inserted the keys and fired up the engine! She was amazed!

Flickering Light!

April 2015, I was doing a drill and moved under a flickering florescent light. I
didn't like the flickering so moved away.

I immediately rejected the idea of letting a light cause me to move so I went
back to location under it and continued doing the drill.

As I was doing the drill, I just recognized that the flickering was a frequency  
and I synchronized with it.

It stopped flickering. I was a bit disappointed as I wanted to study the situation
and now it was gone.

In Conclusion

There is no doubt that life can effect matter both positively and negatively!

My vehicles normally go and go and never let me down unless I have other

Some people are a disaster and will ruin any machine they touch!

I had a friend that destroyed the engine in my jeep. He then had it fixed and
broke it again on the way home.

My son used to cut the grass when he was little. He could stop the lawn
mower every time. I'd go out and it'd run just fine. Give it back to him, it would
stop again. It was not how he was using as I observed him! He just could
cause it to stop.

If I want a new computer, the old one will develop huge problems fast.

Some people can keep machines/electronics going forever!


I'm very powerful and I know it.

As a being, your power is much greater than anyone as ever let you imagine.

Perhaps you've had glimpses and denied what you saw. I've learned to stop
denying and have worked on enhancing my willingness to use my abilities!

Certainly, your abilities have never been properly acknowledged and probably
have been ruthlessly invalidated.

I know, so tell me about your abilities, the coincidences that happen all too

I will validate you and them for they are REAL!

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