Beyond Human True Tales

The Mind Knows or Basketball

Some time ago, I wanted to demonstrate to my grandson how able he really

He was out in back of his house shooting the basket ball at the hoop. It's low
as originally the boys were pretty short, still are but bigger now.

My grandson was pretty good, much better than I am. I've never played much
or practiced much with a basket ball.

However I can make things go right when I want to. Showing off to my
grandson was one of those times.

I asked him to give me the basket ball. I'm assuming it's a standard ball but
really don't know and that wasn't important.

I stood about 20 feet from the hoop FACING the opposite direction. That
means I could not see the hoop.

I closed my eyes. I mentally gauged the distance and position of the hoop.

I took a few practice motions to get the body used to the weight of the ball and
to calculate the force and trajectory needed to shoot the hoop.

Notice, I never looked back.

I shot. The basketball went through the hoop. Showing off is fun. Don't ask me
to do it over and over, I could but that's not fun. So I miss often now.

I told him, you try it.

He moved to the same spot with the ball. He started to turn around and look.

I stopped him. I pointed out that he knew where the hoop was.

He agreed he did.

I had him close his eyes and take a couple practice motions.

He shot. The ball went through the hoop.

Is this a coincident that one poor basketball player, me, made a hoop without
seeing it on the first shot?

Was it another coincident that a 13 year young man then d
id the same trick on
the first shot?

No. It is not a coincident. Man is far more able than he thinks.

Could you do this?

I bet you could do this if you don't crush yourself with doubt first.

The future.

So how long will you keep yourself in a disabled condition? I'm asking myself! I
can do things like this.

If  I am shooting billiards, at times, I am unbeatable. Other times, I'm less than

In the past I was unbeatable at card games. Now I'm miserable and lose all the

It's my firm believe and observation that we have lowered our abilities to keep
the games of life fun.

But I believe we've gone too far. We've also had huge amounts of control
operations ran on us to push us down and keep us down!

We gotten so far down that "fun" has now become pretty deplorable. We need
to reverse this self imposed decline.

Did you know that many people have no clue they are anything more than a
meat body? They think when the body is dead, they are dead!

I've chatted with a several of these "dead" folks. Their body was dead but they
were not and still are not!

I always give them a little help and direction. That works well.

The end.

That's the story and it's true.

Carl Watts

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