Beyond Human True Tales

The Driver Broke the Law

About July 11, 2009, I driving up the 105, a famous
freeway, famous for the huge amount of traffic, I was
in the carpool lane.

In Southern California, this lane is restricted to 2 or

more riders and you can not get into or out of it
except at marked areas. There is a huge fine for

crossing the double solid lines.

I was cruising about 70 mph which is a bit slow for

a freeway especially the carpool lane.

For some time I was following a white minivan.

He was going slow so I turned on my head lights, not
on bright. I already had my running lights on and I
drive a big bright Red Dodge Magnum!

He didn't seem to notice me.

The gap between the minivan and the car in front of

him grew and grew.

Finally, I became annoyed with this.

Out loud I said "Okay, I've about had it with this!"

I added a few more words that shouldn't be printed.

Almost instantly, the driver crossed over the
double lines out of the carpool lane

I asked my wife if she saw that and she said she did!

My intention had gotten through and the driver
out of my way! This is not a normal freeway action!

That's the story and it's totally true.

Carl Watts

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