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"FEAR" or Other's Emotion

In October 2010, I flew back east to visit and help my family.

Normally, I have a mild fear of flying, specifically, a fear of taking off and

On the October morning, I was in the plane waiting on the run way and I took
a look at this "fear".

As a spirit, I have nothing to fear at all.

So why the fear? I looked a bit more, my body wasn't scared.

Then I realized the fear that I was feeling was from other passengers! The
fear was theirs and wasn't even vaguely mine.

So having spotted this phenomena, the effects blew from my universe and
"I was no longer afraid"  of taking off.

A Passenger in your Vehicle

To perhaps communicate this better, if you're driving and the passenger
suddenly gets frightened, I bet for a second, you too are frightened until you
establish for yourself there is no danger. My wife does this to me often,
so often I rarely take the bait and react :-)

Or at a funeral, you may hardly know the person, being there out of respect
for someone still living, but you feel the sadness, the grief and loss. I wonder
is this grief yours or are you confusing the grief of others as yours? It's very
strong and requires constant alertness on your part to stay out of the grief!

Strong Emotions

On the positive side, at a movie, moments of strong emotion, the emotion
seems to flow through the theater, and you're "moved". At a wedding, you cry.

This story is not to say you can't feel any emotion yourself because you can.
You can generate any emotion at any time. Actors do this professionally.
"Drama" is used by many to effect those around them.

How often are the emotions you are feeling not yours but are being confused,
by you, as being yours?

To be at cause over emotions, it helps to correctly determine the source as
yours, your body's, or something or someone else's.

It works for me!

Herd Reactions

Animal in herds are known to be jumpy. If something scares one animal, they
all feel it and run.

That is called Stimulus Response. You see a cop in the rear view mirror and
you feel startled even if you're doing nothing wrong. That is not necessarily
you reacting. It could be your body or your mind. You are neither of those.

Sensationalized Articles

Some times when you read an article, it might leave you rattled, worried,
nervous or down right upset!

Is very possible the author believed his own dramatization and exaggerations!

Also, it's very possible that the author intended that the article create upset.

Just recognize that his upset is not yours. Take a look around, it's not all bad!

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Here are some tips for helping control your body's emotions.

Make sure you're giving the body getting adequate sleep, food and water.

Vitamins B1 and B6 help hugely. If you're a lady and it's that time of the
month, try B6. Mind you, I'm not giving medical advice here, no cures for the
blues but just try some nutrition. For more information, see
Bad News, How to Handle."

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That's the story and it's true.

Carl Watts

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