Beyond Human True Tales

Mental Communication

A friend of mine called a few days ago to borrow a tile cutting saw. He
had borrowed it before. I didn't mind as I wasn't using it.

I told him to stop by and pick it up.

I thought "I should be renting this thing" and further "It would be nice if
he offered me twenty dollars".

I forgot all about it.

Nick, that's his name, arrived late the next night.

I helped him load the saw.

Nick says "I'm going to give you twenty dollars for letting me use it."

I said "Great" and wished I had thought forty dollars.

Well, I decided if I could get twenty, I should be able to get forty. It will
be interesting to see what he gives me when he returns the saw.

Well, apparently, my first wish/thought blocked the second. I should
have canceled the first thought and then made the second. I was
given $20.00 and was happy for the exchange!

That's the story and it's true.

Carl Watts

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