I want to comment on something that is important to all of us.

How will you stand?

This is a view of society that I don’t normally look at and even more rarely write about.

Earth is a frail culture.

here are men actively trying to ruin mankind and this civilization. These men are insane.

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We have our continuous wars or border fights. These upsets are actively caused. You don’t usually have trouble with
your neighbors, why do nations have trouble? Cause there’s money in weapons and destruction!

Why is the planet being polluted? Because it cost money to not pollute. Because an ill populace is easier to control.

Why has the drugging of school children increased thousands of time over the past decade? Because children are bad?
Because children are worse? Hell no! Because if you hook them on drugs at early age, you have them as customers

If they get sick, then they are medical customers where they will be further drug by the drug pushing doctors!

Doctors don’t cure! They drug! If someone gets well, they did it themselves despite the drugs!

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How about the economy? This was an engineered crisis. If things get bad, the people causing the problem can buy
cheap. Soon the "fed" will own it all! Count the number of banks left.

Broke, drugged, sick, illiterate people are easy to control! Or so governments seem to think.
Drug the water, spray the
air. Easy to keep them ill.

National health care is putting big dollars into the drug companies pockets, keep people ill and profit the medical/drug
community nicely.

Sooner or later, this is going to collapse!

Who will survive?

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Those who can not work hard will not survive. Those who rely on government handouts will not survive.

There is no plan to help man!

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If you are going to be one of the ones standing, you need to be strong and smart.

You will not be able to take advantage of others. Brute strength never does well. Ask Hitler.

People that contribute to others will stand. They are valuable and will be able to work with others. Groups that work well
together will stand. Groups that take advantage of their people will fall.

People need to get faster, stronger (able to confront things well), more able and it needs to happen now.

If enough people got smarter and more able, perhaps we could prevent the fall of America and the rest of civilization into
a suppressive tyranny.

But folks we better move fast. If you aren’t secure in your personal future or
if you aren't secure in your family’s future,
contact me.

Your IQ can be raised. Your abilities can be raised. Your confidence can be raised. You can move to a position of cause
over your life and greatly help others.

How will you stand without the support of the fire department, the police, grocery stores, water and power and other
survival things of this culture? How will your family stand?

You may survive if you just keep on hoping. Your family
might. But many will not survive.

But I am worried about my family, my friends. Their nice homes and cars will not help them when the bottom falls out.

You want to know the answer?

Scientology. It gets results. It works. It is truth.

Don’t believe me! Find out for yourself. I know already and I am working to get stronger, smarter, faster and more
confident in my abilities.

I want you to do well because we will need very able people, lots of us, to prevent the catastrophe if possible or to pick
up the pieces after the insane suppressive people ruin this civilization. It's going fast!

Life doesn’t end with death. You are
immortal and you will be here next year, the next century and beyond. What will your
future be like?

Please join me in creating a better world.

Circa 2008
Articles, information by @Poet_Carl_Watts http://www.carlwattsartist.com/updates.html  #KnowledgeIsPower! #AwesomeTeam
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