Police and Revenue, Why?

Have you noticed how many police are dedicated to issuing traffic citations?

In recent years, I have noticed a distinct increase of officers, not protecting
the citizens, not increasing safety, but revenuing, simply out writing tickets!

They install cameras and ticket drivers that are not endangering anyone.
This point has been proven by others yet the raking in of cash continues.

So many times, I come around a blind corner and find an officer pointing at
me with a radar gun! They are there waiting to trap drivers. Were they
interested in safety they would not be hidden but would be looking for drivers
that were unaware enough to be dangerous. These drivers should be given

For example, on the freeway, I was doing about 80 in Nevada. I was
following a highway patrol at a good distance. Another vehicle passed me at
a pretty high speed and didn't see the clearly marked patrol car until right
next to him. Not very aware, and that was dangerous driver at that speed. Of
course he was pulled over rightly!

But back to the main point. Have you ever been told as a child it's not polite
to point? There is a reason for this!

Pointing a gun at some one frightens most people! Even if you've never face
a gun, the impact of pointing anything at someone, creates some level of
fear. This fear is immediately followed by anger and or antagonism!

So all the radar gun pointing they are doing, I face a radar gun several days
a week, creates BAD PR for peace officers!

But lets get back to “Why!”

First, I do not want to imply the peace officers are bad or have evil intentions!
I don't believe this and do believe they are doing the best the can under all
circumstances they are involved with.

However, individual officers are part of an income motivated organization.
They are connected to politicians and therefore often become criminal by
association and demands that they find income to support themselves and
the cities.

When Peace Officer activities are only to collect revenue on technicalities,
their exchange with the community goes out and they become criminals in
fact. Citations do not produce an exchange, they are something for nothing
and thus criminal. (If you purchased a soda of $1.00 and the cup was almost
empty, you'd feel ripped off. That is criminal exchange. Giving a ticket gives
the driver and the community a virtually empty cup in exchange. That's

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Giving traffic citation is tremendously PROFITABLE!

Catching a real criminal is dangerous and COSTLY!

So which would you rather do?

Questions I don't have answer for: What percentage of a police force is
assigned to traffic “enforcement”?

As Peace Officers should be concentrated on keeping the peace, traffic
citations should be a very minor function.

When I was growing up, officers used a lot of judgment and many times, a
motorist was warned and assisted. Today, a warning is extremely rare!

I would ask that you contact your city, county and state officials and request
that the Peace Officers be assigned to keeping the peace, keeping us safe
from criminals; that they stop revenuing from the honest citizens!

Mothers going to school with their children 5 miles over the limit should not
be targeted every morning with radar guns.

Dads coming home, from work trying to support their families, should not be
targeted by the “Peace Officers” just because they can have money extorted
from them by greedy law enforcement and the courts!

Peace Officers should not be “Revenue Collectors”!

I rest my case.

Circa 2008
Articles, information by @Poet_Carl_Watts http://www.carlwattsartist.com/updates.html  #KnowledgeIsPower! #AwesomeTeam
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