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Education: Good, Bad and Ugly

What is good education?  In a nutshell, a good education is one that empowers students – it invites them to compare what they are being
taught to the real world.  It asks, “Have you ever seen this happen?”  “Is this true for you?”  It encourages students to evaluate the usefulness
of information.  “Can you use this?”  “Do you think it’s worth learning?”

Good education puts the student at cause by making the unknown, known.  It greatly improves aptitude and reasoning capabilities.  It
increases power of observation.  It advances the student’s ability to analyze and solve problems.  It allows him to adjust the environment to
his liking.

What is bad education?  It is any method that stagnates or holds down the individual’s ability to adjust the environment to his liking.  It is
authoritarian – that is, teacher, lessons and books have answers that must be learned and parroted back.  Conflicting viewpoints are
discouraged.  Bad education demands, “Be quiet and listen.” “Read these pages.” “Answer these questions.” “Do these problems.”

By its insistence on only one right answer or only one way of doing something, bad education crushes originality and creativity.  It punishes
in the form of low grades, detention, trips to the principal’s office, letters home to parents, etc.  In other words, the method of education used
in most American schools.

A bad method, however, is but a worm in the apple; it’s not totally rotten.  Education can go completely off the rails and be downright ugly.  
This happens when school itself becomes a dangerous environment – when the simple act of going to school is a risky endeavor.  School
yard killings, practically unheard of a decade ago, fall under this category.  

Is there a way for you to spare your children from bad education?  Is there a way to eliminate the ugly?  Is there a way to ensure your children
receive a good education?

Fortunately there are private schools, and even some charter schools, that empower their students, invite them to think and insist on drug-
free minds.  Another option is to teach your children at home – sometimes the best way to get something done right is to do it yourself!

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Education: Good, Bad and Ugly
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