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    Nothing is impossible:
    If you can imagine it
    If you can dream about it
    You can make it happen!

    What is the most important game in the world?  Well that would be the game of life.  And showing students how to
    win at the game and succeed in their pursuit of happiness is what education is all about.

    But before a student can develop a winning attitude or pursue happiness, before he can attain anything that is
    intangible, he must first be able to imagine what it would be like. The keyword here is imagination.  Indeed, every
    wish, every dream, every prayer, every postulate, is based on the assumption that it can come true.  Therefore, the
    first prerequisite to the betterment of any situation is the ability to imagine that it can be better.

    If, for example, the game of life became dull or tedious, one could simply utilize his imagination to visualize
    betterment.  But if one were unable to imagine or visualize such changes, it is his education that has failed him.

    For one of the prime purposes of education is to help students develop and discipline their own imaginations so
    they will have the necessary tools to effectively solve life’s problems.  By discipline, it is meant that the student is in
    control of his imagination.  He controls his imagination, for example, when he uses it to think up a successful way to
    unravel a difficult math problem.

    Perhaps scholastic achievement would be inevitable if every subject and every test in school were geared to
    enhance the student’s imagination.  For example, students would not be asked to write term papers for a
    requirement, but rather as a means of searching out a topic of such great interest to them that it cannot help but
    further develop imagination.  After all, in the game of life it is not the assignment that is important, it is the ability to
    create a dream and the fun of going after it.

    Imagination is the key to our past and present wonders, from flying machines to computers.  And the more teachers
    and parents encourage children to stretch and ignite their imaginations, the more wonders we will see in the future.

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