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                           Parent Success Story

    I have been home schooling my son Nathan through high school for the last couple of years. It has been a very
    rewarding experience. With the help of the staff my son has been kept very sane and self-determined on the subject
    of education. He could form his own ideas about things and was never made wrong for it. Quite the contrary, he was
    always encouraged to think for himself.  The educational program always aligned with his interests and we always
    worked out a purpose for studying it. As a result, Nathan liked to study and he would think of ways to use this

    Since we were home schooling Nathan also could go on some business trips with his dad. While his dad was in
    meetings, Nathan did his schoolwork and then they would visit places of interest in that city. Nathan went to New
    York, Boston, Las Vegas to name just a few. If he would have been in public school all those great experiences
    would not have been possible.

    Nathan is now done with his high school and received his diploma. When he took his college entrance test he got
    100% on his English test.

    I know, that Nathan will do great whatever he will do and I know that my husband and I did the best we could as
    parents to ensure he received a solid education. An education built not just on remembering facts, but an education
    on how to evaluate data, how to be self-determined and think for himself. This is something he can build upon in the
    years to come. To me that is a product of a high school graduate.

    Thank you all very much for your help in achieving this goal for my son.

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