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    Things Nice Teachers
    Should Do

    Nice teachers show children that life is a game
    and that games have purposes and rules
    (freedoms and barriers).  They teach their students strategies for winning "the game of school."  They show their
    students how to figure things out, how to evaluate data and how to make learning fun.

    Really nice teachers insist that students have high moral standards, strong personal values and that they respect the
    religious beliefs of others.  Such teachers never back off from disseminating "The Golden Rule."

    Excellent teachers do not force the student to memorize data and regurgitate it back on test papers.  Their motto:  
    "A student may make a robot, but he should not be one."  Excellent teachers encourage each student to apply data
    to life.  They expect their students to taste the fruit of competency.

    Great teachers reward production, teach benevolence, teach the danger of tyranny and explain how to preserve
    freedom.  They know that when a nation honors education and self-determined students, it possesses the antidote
    to slavery.

    If every teacher were nice, really nice, excellent and great, what a wonderful world it would be!

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