Campfire Rose

This was a story I invented to entertain some children. They liked it so I thought
you might too.

The Rose

It was after dark. The campfire was burning very nicely. Flames were leaping
up 6 or 7 feet at a time.

Though the only light was the fire, I could see a good column of smoke rising.

I thought this would be a good place to create a rose.

I called to get all the children' attention. That in itself is no small feat. I believe
there were 13 children ranging from five years old to thirteen years old.

There were a three other adults but for this story, adults are pretty dead in the
head with little creative imagination.

So I addressed the kids!

I asked them to look up at the smoke. No I didn't tell them to “watch the flame.”
I wasn't interested in hypnotizing them but only getting their help in creating a
shared reality.

I asked if anyone saw any green, just a faint color of green.

For a minute, no one answered. I kept creating the stem of a rose bush in the
smoke. It wasn't solid at all.


"I see something."

Finally a young boy said I see something.

I asked him what it was.

At first he wanted to say a green snake. I directed him to keep looking.

As he looked others chimed in that they saw something too!

I didn't tell them what it was. I just kept putting the rose stem there.

More and more people began to see the stem.  So I added a yellow rose at the
end of the stem.

It was interesting that the children started spotting the thorns before they did
the flower.

This was so unreal to the children they didn't put green, stem and thorns


Then a little girls said “I see a flower.” Nothing had been said about the flower

I asked what color was it. She replied yellow. Then more children observed the

I kept putting it in the smoke.

Suddenly the first boy said it's a yellow rose on a stem.

At that time, most of the children could see it.

Even my wife was awed.

I asked if anyone could not see it. There were a few. I told them to put the
yellow rose into the smoke and make it real solid.

Even the Adults!

In seconds everyone, even the adults, could see it. It was a huge yellow rose
on top of a pretty big stem.

There were a lot of wide eyes in the group.

I told them that's it, meaning we were done. The rose, stem and all, vanished.

I suggested to the children we keep this a secret. They all agreed.

Belief and Disbelief

Of course they probably went home and told all their friends who didn't believe
a word they said.

Because it was real to them, they thought their friends would believe them. But
I bet not a single one told an adult because they knew the adults would not
believe them.

So who was right, the children or the disbelievers?

Could the rose have been real? What is reality? If enough people agree,
doesn't that create a reality?

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I'm with the kids, it was real!

Next time we'll do stakes and they can cook while hanging there and feed us

It's been done before.

The end!

Hope you enjoyed my tail of creation and imagination.

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©2011  by Carl Watts/ 11/3/11 edited 101412
Articles, information by @Poet_Carl_Watts  #KnowledgeIsPower! #AwesomeTeam
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