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Can You Be Helped?

No! I wanted to get that out of the way to start this article off as many people
believe it is impossible to help anyone.

Now that we agree, let take a look at changing that reality to something more

First lets define "help".
Google does a good job on this one. Part of the
definitions are: "make it easier for (someone) to do something by offering
one's services or resources" and "improve (a situation or problem); be of
benefit to."

Can you think of examples of you helping someone else?

Has anyone ever helped you?

Have you seen someone help someone else?

Have you ever helped yourself or how could you help yourself?

You might take a second to watch "Life Vest Inside - Kindness Boomerang -
"One Day" near the bottom of this page :-)


A lot of people think of help only as some money, a place to stay, a cure or a
job and so forth.

The only way to actually obtain those things is by communicating. A days
work given is a communication. A days pay is a return communication.

For someone having difficulty, such as being stressed, proper communication
can ease or vanquish the stress. I've helped many people with their stress.

When someone is stressed there is a lack of proper communication to some
area of life.

Correctly spotting and devising a workable remedy can blow stress out of the


Another way to help someone is to give them some knowledge that they can
use to be more at cause o
ver various situations and people.

An example I often use is a young girl that came to me as a victim of
harassment from a male student.

It was minor in the big picture but it was huge in this 14 year old honor roll
student's life!

The boy, a bit of a trouble maker, was calling her a bitch every time, he
passed her. This was upsetting to her.

I asked the young lady
if when she saw him coming did she think "asshole"
and flip her nose up just a little bit.

She was embarrassed but agreed that she was disrespecting him.

I pointed out that he knew she was disrespecting him and that she should find
something true and positive to say to him instead.

I sent her off. Three days later, she came back and said it worked. He had
stopped calling her a bitch and was being friendly.

The simple knowledge I gave her will help her the rest of her life as I will not
always be there to protect her nor will her parents.

There was help given by asking a couple questions and making a
suggestion. The knowledge she gained came from her changed actions!


Almost everyone has problems! Those with no problems, make other's
problems their own so they still have problems.

Any problem can be solved. The solution may seem impossible or perhaps a
doable solutions has yet to be discovered.

Direction on finding a workable solution can be very easy. I've had great
success helping people find solutions they felt they could apply.

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Of course many people do not want to solve any problems, even they can be


I can help anyone I am willing to spend the time on. They must have some
value. No one I know has no value so that means everyone.

People that really feel they have no value, victims of psychs or other
criminals, will never contact me!

So if you need a friend, contact me!
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