This May Be the Quickest, Easiest, Cheapest, and Most Effective
Cancer Treatment Ever!

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This May Be the Quickest, Easiest, Cheapest, and Most Effective Cancer Treatment Ever!

I’ve treated many cases of cancer going against the standard slash, burn, and cut mantra of the medical establishment. And I’ve seen
some great success. But no injection therapy I’ve ever used took my breath away for its ease of use and effectiveness. That is until I saw
the treatment I’m going to tell you about this month!

In fact, this remedy is so inexpensive that you probably have some sitting in your refrigerator right now. You’ve probably baked with it.
The raw material costs mere pennies. It’s exceedingly safe. Its beauty lies in its simplicity. And it may be the greatest discovery for
cancer treatment, EVER.

This astounding cancer treatment is nothing more than sodium bicarbonate. You know it as baking soda. And I am excited to be the first
to bring you news of this stunning breakthrough.

I know it sounds unbelievable. I’m sure you’re sitting there saying, “Baking soda cures cancer? Dr. Rowen’s lost his mind.”

Well, give me a chance to turn you into a believer.

Dr. Tullio Simoncini is an Italian physician who was the first to discover bicarbonate’s ability to cure cancer. I recently met Dr. Simoncini
at a seminar in Florida. I was so impressed that when I heard he was coming back to teach in Dallas, I had to see him again.

However, before you can understand Dr. Simoncini’s work, you need a little background. Dr. Simoncini’s work is based on the
groundbreaking work of several pioneers in alternative medicine. Back in the 1930s, for instance, Weston Price, DDS traveled the
world studying health and nutrition in various people groups.

Dr. Price studied dwindling aboriginal cultures as they still existed at the time. He detailed their amazing health and why they were far
healthier than people in our own culture. Price found tribes where reaching 100 was commonplace. Men were still tending their fields
and chasing women decades younger. Physical degeneration was rare. There were few if any dental cavities or decay. Dental arches
were nearly perfect – no need for orthodonture. People were healthy right up until the time of their death. Then they would fall asleep and
simply not wake up. What a great way to go. Our big killers, cancer and heart disease were largely unknown.

The common link among all the indigenous people was their diet.

The various peoples were not eating the same foods. They couldn’t, separated by vast differences in climates, altitudes, etc. Some had
lots of meat, some had almost none. But there was a commonality. The soils of their fields were rich in minerals, often from glacial silt
runoff. The plants likewise were loaded with minerals. The peoples ate what grew around them, when in season, organic and fresh.

Price returned to some of these cultures years later. Indeed the physical health had deteriorated in many. Children had rotting teeth,
their arches became malformed with crowding teeth. The formerly robust physical bodies of adults were now riddled with the same
degenerative diseases we experience. Price observed the clear reason — they were now eating processed foods from the West.

What happened to our food that so destroyed our bodies? In the 1930s and 40s government actions paved the way for big business
agriculture. In the 40s the government started analyzing our crops and soils for minerals. In the ensuing 70 years or so, as Agribusiness
took over, the mineral content of our soil has plummeted over 80%. This plunge is reflected in known mineral content of our foods, both
organic and non-organic. Our produce is woefully lacking in the minerals once rich in our diet and necessary for health.

Let me give you an example of how this shift in our soil’s mineral content significantly affects our health. Back in the 1940s, a medical
pioneer, Max Gerson, MD was curing cancer. His cure? Diet, and diet alone. He used fresh living foods and juices, organic and fresh.
His cure rate was about 30-35%, light years better than any conventional method of today.

Strangely, those of us following him have not been able to reproduce his success. That confused many of my colleagues into wondering
about Gerson altogether. Well, there’s a simple explanation. It all revolves around acid-base and minerals.

Minerals in solution are positively charged. In fact, all minerals in our cells are positively charged. But what happens when we don’t have
enough minerals?

Dr. John Apsley, executive director of the Immunogenic Research Foundation, Inc., has the answer. His answer also explains why Gerson’s therapy
doesn’t work nearly as well anymore.

Dr. Apsley said, “We are living in different nutritional times. We now are so depleted in cations (positively charged minerals) that our cells,
desperate to stay alive, will grab onto anything positively charged. With no or few minerals, the only thing they can resort to is positively charged
hydrogen ions (which are nothing more than acid ions) or positively charged chemical toxins.”

Gerson Therapy worked because his patients were not nearly as far-gone nutritionally as we are. A fruit and vegetable-rich diet was able to replace
needed cation minerals successfully in a third of his patients.

Apsley said that a light went on in his brain when learning of Dr. Simoncini’s successes. He said that injecting bicarbonate into the cancer site does
something that diet alone can’t do. “The bicarbonate literally sucks out the acid hydrogen ions”… from the deepest regions of your cells. This allows
nutritional minerals to replace the semi-toxic acid. This recharges your cellular defenses.

The patients of Gerson’s day ate foods that were far richer in minerals in those years. Gerson’s juicing program gave the cancer patients high
concentrations of the most absorbable form of minerals – fresh juice. Minerals were in their natural plant-made colloid state, as prepared for us by
God. Gerson’s patients were not nearly so mineral depleted as we are now.

They also were not as acid. So, he could cure many cancer patients with diet alone.

Baking soda is alkaline. It is also negatively charged. So it helps reduce your acid state. But it does a lot more than that.

Dr. Simoncini discovered research showing that all solid cancers have something in common. They are all held together by a fungus. This fungus
produces an acid-based glue that holds it and the cancer cells together.

This fungus is none other than Candida, the common fungus in many yeast infections. Dr. Simoncini found out that Candida plays a vital role in
cancer’s ability to survive. Here’s why. All normal cells are programmed to self-destruct after a period of time, or if they are damaged. That process
is called apoptosis. Normal apoptosis is the main way your body wards off cancer.

But, Candida makes toxins that directly impair the apoptosis process. If your cell doesn’t self-destruct when it goes awry, it can further degenerate
into endless division. At that point, it becomes cancerous. Dr. Simoncini maintains that Candida becomes intertwined with tumors, protecting its
immortality. To destroy the tumor, we have to knock out this fungus.

So you might think that antifungal drugs might do it. They don’t. No one has ever cured cancer with an antifungal drug.

But baking soda does!

We’ve known for years that sodium bicarbonate kills all sorts of fungi and microorganisms. It works so well, in fact, that there are patents in Europe
and the U.S. for its use against these invaders. (You can check this out for yourself by searching for patent number 6432425 at the website www. or patent number EP1233374 at the

So how does Dr. Simoncini knock out cancer with sodium bicarbonate? He administers 500 cc of a 5% bicarbonate solution intravenously over
about one hour, many doctors add potassium to their IV solution. And he does so six days out of seven. He may also inject it at the site of a local
tumor for accessible cancers (like breast). With a cooperating invasive radiologist, he may have a catheter inserted directly into the artery feeding
the cancer. He’ll then pump in the bicarbonate directly.

Remember, bicarbonate is alkaline and negatively charged. It neutralizes the positively charged acid glue that holds Candida together. With the
bicarbonate, the fungus just falls apart. Without the fungus to maintain it, the cancers immediately self-destruct.

Now Dr. Simoncini admits there is a weakness. You need a good blood supply to bring ample bicarbonate to the tumor. Soft tissue primary cancers
and metastases usually have enough blood supply. However, metastases to bone may not.

Many of Dr. Simoncini’s supportive colleagues have modified his protocol to include alternating weeks of bicarbonate with high dose intravenous
vitamin C (100 grams in 1,000 cc D5W) over five hours. They do this daily, except one day off per week. The two weeks (one of bicarbonate and
one of vitamin C) completes one cycle. It will often take only three more cycles to get rid of almost all soft tissue cancers!

I will admit that, at first blush, this seemed too simplistic. This is a disease that has a trillion-dollar industry built around it. Five-and-dime baking
soda? Vitamin C? I thought, “No way!”

But look at how effective the Simoncini protocol is. The overwhelming majority of primary and non-osseous (non-bone) metastatic cancers
disappear within days to weeks. Days? Yes indeed.

When it comes to breast cancer, your doctor can flood local tumors with bicarbonate. Local injection can be very painful to be sure. But wouldn’t
you rather take some pain and spare your breast from getting chopped off by a surgeon?

Dr. Simoncini’s breast protocol calls for surrounding a breast tumor with up to 120 cc of 5% sodium bicarbonate solution daily if tolerated. After
several sessions, most of these local cancers are totally gone!

Distant cancers require intravenous bicarbonate. Even better is direct infusion into the artery feeding the tumor. In Italy, Dr. Simoncini has the luxury
of open-minded interventional radiologists. Many of them are willing to place catheters into the target arteries for direct bicarbonate infusion into the
tumor. This is not possible in our current medical system. So far, none of the bicarbonate trainees have been able to find a caring radiologist who’ll
place the patient above dogma. But some doctors are willing to place the catheters for IV vitamin C. That means there’s hope that you can get this

This happened to Sarah Jones. She and her husband, Bob Jones, sponsored Simoncini’s visits to the U.S. She was dying of metastatic breast
cancer. She had failed all therapies. With intravenous bicarbonate, she cleared all her soft tissue metastases. Only bone cancers were left. She
started vitamin C drips. The bone metastases did regress. She came off morphine in four days. But she had received radiation 6 months previously.
It led to terminal complications and she did succumb. Bob tells me that he is following at least 40 other patients of which only 4 have not done well
(arresting the cancer or better).

Folks, this is a miraculous story! I will update you regularly with the latest information on the “five and dime” treatment of cancer. No, it doesn’t really
cost a nickel. We have to use extremely pure pharmaceutical preparations – unlike what’s in your refrigerator. But the basic stuff is the same: simple
baking soda! Injection preps aren’t cheap either. But when compared to Big Pharma’s bazillion buck poisonous treatments, the treatment is very

I am again thrilled to get you this potentially lifesaving information. It’s so simple that any qualified provider who is trained in IV techniques can
administer it in your own home. It’s ease of use and low cost will make this treatment a major target of the FDA and other federal bureaucratic

If and when you see any negative information about bicarbonate therapy, please be sure to note who is pushing it. A bicarbonate cure for cancer
could upend one of the richest, most evil and gruesome industries in the world: the cancer establishment.

For more information on Dr. Simoncini’s incredible work, read his book Cancer Is a Fungus. It’s available at And for more
information on Dr. Price’s timeless work, visit the Price Pottenger Foundation's website at

For anyone already undergoing chemotherapy the following may be of use:


2)  This product helped a friend of mine who was getting chemo for a brain tumor.
By taking Immunocal he did not have the ill effects of the chemo all the others were having (nausea, etc.) When he shared it w/others they did
better too.  

¹  This word "cure" is used by the author above.  It is illegal to promote a cure for cancer per the FDA and the AMA doesn't consider candida to
even be a disease.  So this is no cure, only so I am not being illegal.
Back when I went to school, Japan and possibly Sweden were the only contenders with the US for having the longest longevity.  Now even after a
long Google search it is hard to find this data any more.  But US has fallen to #21 internationally right ahead of Mexico at #22.  (People in Mexico
almost all think that US technology is way ahead of them and envy the treatment we can get here, and we probably are technologically, but that's
not all that's involved.)  In 1960, the leading causes of death were chronic lower respiratory diseases, suicide, liver, hyertension and heart disease
and cancer were #5 and #6 instead of #1 and #2 of today.
If one were to exercise more and eat more fruits and vegetables and eat less fried foods, carbs and cheese to help reverse the heart possible
problems along with the above, one might find oneself living to be 100.  The reason I share this with you is so I won't be alone with my children and
grandchildren, but will still have you to share with too.
If you have any hesitancy about the information above because it is not endorsed by the FDA/AMA, I recommend the book The Body is the Hero by
Dr Glasser which Grandpa Ely had recommended to me when I was in school.
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