Causes of Aliments

The data I will be giving here is based on my studies of life, nutrition and of
cause and effect.

I will try to give simple conclusions and link to pages with supporting data.

Before you disagree with everything, make sure you do follow the links and
find out for yourself.

Current science, on health, illness and bodies, is grossly flawed. Related:
So You have a Medical Condition. And Cures, The Lack of and Why.

I do not believe in inheritable diseases. I do believe that a child can decide to
be ill like a parent or grandparent or anyone else they admire and don't want
to suffer.

I believe beings are far more able, powerful than anyone suspects or even
wants people to know! See related article
Contagion, Theory of.

Factors in Creating Illnesses/Diseases:


Earth has become a toxic disaster. Monsanto, British Petroleum, nuclear
power plants, plastics, fluoride, fracking, drugs, antibiotics and endless list of
sources of toxins are damaging mankind's ability to survive at all.

And I don't want to omit the intentional source, the effective production, of
illnesses by the weakening of the immune system, the VACCINE. Vaccines

are toxic cocktails. See related Editorial: Why Vaccines  DO NOT Work.

I don't believe mankind will die off entirely but mankind may be very ill for many
generations and may almost perish from our inability to reproduce.

So additional data on this and a workable solution may be found in
Clear Mind
Clear Body.

My related article:
Complex Vs Simple!

Depleted Soils.

I read somewhere the ancient Egyptians had degenerative diseases just like
we do. They settled in one spot and farmed the land to death. Then without
good mineral content, their food killed them off!

Modern “farming” is to use petrol fertilizers to make produce fat and green. But
today's produce is almost completely devoid of nutritional value.

Commercial meats hardly classify as food anymore. It's more like clever doses
of antibiotics. Most are raised as GMO Grains. Most animals do not naturally
eat grains!

Personally I try for organic foods but I've failed so far. Money! Organics are
expensive. But dying from malnutrition and GMO poisoning may be more

Not Bacteria nor Viruses

You may have noticed I didn't credit these for creating illnesses. I don't believe
they do.

I do believe if your system is weak from lack of nutrients and from too many
toxins, various life forms will run amuck!

Cancer is one of those life forms that grows in unhealthy bodies. Cancer is a
symptom not a disease.

Heart attacks and other circulatory "diseases" are symptoms!

Diabetes, high blood pressure, hyperactivity and the endless list of ills physical
and mental are all symptoms.

You can't cure a symptom.

Related article: List of Acid / Alkaline Forming Foods.

Who You Associate With

Now that may sound disrelated. I can guarantee you it is not!

Have you ever been around someone that always made you feel bad? If you
think back did you often visit them and then come away and get ill shortly


Some people are suppressive and feel the only way they will survive is if
everyone else is ill or otherwise held down!

The Cause of Suppression

Related articles: Homo Sapiens Under Attack and Conflicts on Earth.

The Reactive Mind

The Reactive Mind is a stimulus-response mind. It doesn't think. It detects or
perceives some stimuli similar to an earlier incident and reacts to it regardless
of other different circumstances.

These reactions to stimuli maybe very inappropriate for the current situation
and is, in fact, insanity.

It is my opinion and observation that the Reactive Mind can create illnesses,
pains & illogical responses. For further info view video:

See related article: Contagion, Theory Of.

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