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"The Tapestry of Man"

A mortal man is a tapestry...he's composed of many strands.
A complex being, to say the least, no one fully understands.
A man is more than just a body, for the body houses his soul.
The body fades away with time ...but the spirit is beyond time's control.
The components of a man are many. His expressions are varied too.
For a man expresses himself to the world in the light of his world view.
There are strands of happiness. Then there are the strands of pain.
There are strands of joy that come when a drought is relieved by rain.
There are also strands of silence...where a man feels stuck on life's shelf
...but it's in those times of nothingness that a man can meet himself.  
There are strands of joyous birth and strands of shadowy death.  
But don't allow the shadowy times to steal your vital breath.
There are strands of indescribable ecstacy when on the mount's summit we stand.
For it's then we see life's about the climb and the difficult journey was grand.
There are strands of everyday living. Mundane strands not valued much.  
But it's strands like these that balance a man and gives him the human touch.  
Strength opposed to weakness.  Hope as opposed to lost.
Strands of bountiful blessings...opposed to days of just counting cost.
Smiles opposed to frowning.  Study as opposed to the test .
For It's in life's juxtapositions that our strands reveal our best.
The strands that mean the most to a man are the strands the world will view.  
They enable him to function until he bids this world adieu.
So don't major on life's  minors. Don't sit around and fret.
Don't sit and let life pass you by...there's life still in us yet.  
There's other mountains we must ascend. There's other songs to sing.  
Don't sit around, mope, and complain...COME ON let FREEDOM RING !
It's the tapestry strands which define a man.  They reveal what's deep inside.  
They portray to the world the inner man that often tries to hide.
Another word for 'strand' it seems to me..would be the word 'priority'.
For that's what sets a man apart. Priorities reveal what's in the heart.  
The heart of a man for the world to see. Revealed each day by priority.  
Does this matter it imagined or real ?  In the grand scheme of things...what will my tapestry reveal ?  
Reveal to the world and the universe so grand make the most of life's tapestry ...appreciate each strand.  
Each strand is a soul print of you and of me.  It helps folks around us to see what they see.
Cause they can't view our spirit just the flawed outer man.  But a purposeful life makes the most of each strand.  
When blended together they absolutely reveal us. Folk might not understand us but their spirit can feel  us.  
My what an experience is LIFE for a man. Tapestries composed of stand upon strand.
Life's clouds will send rain and the sun rays will 'shine' us.
But how life is perceived and is lived will define us.
So live for today and be your best, man. Keep your hands on the loom and make the best of each strand.

by Pastor Charles Hatcher 6/25/09
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