The Poisoning of Los Angeles County's 12.9 Million People!

These pictures were taken 03/28/13 in Sunland/Tujunga, CA. Last night my sister and I could see chemtrails by the moon
light. Today it started off somewhat clear though hazy. Now at almost 6 pm, very over cast. I did get some good pictures
including one with real clouds so you can see the difference!

I learned something today. I took pictures of a jet leaving a trail across a quarter of the sky. I was able to get a close up of the jet. I went back out a
few minutes later to get an updated shot. The trail was going. So this was a legitimate condensation trail of a jet climbing still at low altitude.
Chemtrail spraying jets are almost too high to be seen at all. I've never been able to get a close up!

I'm not going to try any longer to convince people they are being sprayed. All you have to do is look up.

I would like to point out that regardless of your opinion, you need to take actions to safeguard yourself and your family. I've written an article to help

Chemtrails, Radiation, Fluoride, Other Toxins...How to to read!

Our families are targets for these dangerous chemicals. See my article: Chemtrail Straying Stops Now! to read!

Latest up date
Irrefutable Truth US Military is intentionally poisoning us!
Best video is:
Don't believe in chemtrails? Watch this! Watch the sky! Heads Up! Watch the here!
See the video of where the
UK government admitted many years of biological/chemical testing... click to read the article confirming this!
"What in the World are They Spraying?" - Official Trailer
Germ warfare experiments on civilian to view!
Find out how chemtrails adversely affect your to view!
Swedish official admits toxic 'chemtrails' are real, not a wild conspiracy theory!

New website: Stop Spraying California!

Got Chemtrails, send me pictures, I'll post and promote. Time for them to stop spraying us and our families!...Click to contact me!

You can research HAARP and Earthquakes and weather control.
Poisonous ChemTrails 03/28/13 over LosAngeles by @Poet_Carl_Watts  #KnowledgeIsPower! #AwesomeTeam
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Notice the real clouds with the
chemtrails higher and behind them!
Same shot as above but panned out
so you can see how broadly the
chemtrails are!
Almost straight over head.
Late in the day. Heavy chemtrails and
maybe some real clouds, I really can't
tell. The light streak looks like a
chemtrail to me.
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