All these pictures were taken 01/08/10 from Sunland, CA over a 20 minute period. These are pictures of the trails that were
being left the entire day over and over and into the evening. It was a pretty clear day except for the trails which produced a
light overcast all day.

Even if these are only "vapor" trails caused by water condensation, there is a tremendous amount of fuel being burned over Los Angeles and
surrounding city for the entire day.

Interesting to notice, on 01/09/10, there were no "vapor" trails being left. Why not on this day?

Am I paranoid? I truly hope so.

However, see the video of where the UK government admitted many years of biological/chemical testing by clicking here.  
Updated 5/13/10,
click to read recent article confirming this!

Update 5/25/10
"What in the World are They Spraying?" - Official Trailer

Chemtrail sparying at various location in the US! There is a video at the bottom of the page!

Germ warfare experiments on civilian to view!

Feb 08, 20/12 Just an update, these spraying continue sometimes daily sometimes a week apart. Two weeks ago there was a checker board
grid over northern Los Angeles and other chriscross from horizon to horizon. I noted on 3/4/12 there were chemtrails but failed to take pictures

Got Chemtrails, send me pictures, I'll post and promote. Time for them to spot spraying us, our families!...Click to contact!

Coincidentally there was an earthquake about the same time.

You can research HAARP and Earthquakes and weather control.

List of dates I have pictures
010810, 021812, 031912, 032012. 032212, 032312, 032412, 040212. 040312, 040612. 04/08/12. 040912, Sedona
AZ 040912. 041612. 041712. 041812. 041912.  042512. New Mexico/Flordia 042912. 4/30/12.092112.100212. 100312. 100412. 100512.
100612. 10/15/12. 11/01/12.11/27/12, 12/5/12. 12/6/12.12/21/12.12/25/12.12/28/12.010913. 011313.
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Chem trail facing west from Sunland CA 1/8/10
picture take of chem trail facing west from Sunland CA on 1/8/10
Chemtrails facing west from Sunland CA 1/8/10
picture facing south from Sunland Ca on 1/8/10 of chem trails
Watch this video to the right if you'd like:
"PROOF Chemtrails are NOT

There is discussion of "fuel dumping".
I've lived in LA for a long time. If it were
fuel dumping, it would be an every day
thing. IT IS NOT.

Even if it is "fuel dumping", with as
many planes as I saw all day long and
into the dusk on Jan 8th, 2010, that
would be a hazard to everyone.

But since this doesn't happen every
day, I rule out "fuel dumping" and
believe the government is spraying
million of people for unknown purposes.

Personally, I believe they would like us
sick, weak, confused, so they can
continue to ram their "health care" and
domination policies down our

H1N1 was manufactured and set loose.
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All these "clouds" were chemtrails spreading out!