All these pictures were taken 4/03/12, Sunland/Tujunga, CA

Chemtrails over Los Angeles. 9:55 am I went out side and looked around the sky. There were definitely chemtrails but dispersed too
much to catch on film. After looking for planes a couple minutes, very high I spotted one. The picture isn't great but is the best of 3 shots. I can
assure you that the ribbons of haze high in the sky are chemicals someone is spraying constantly over Los Angeles.

11:35 am I took more pictures that are clearer. Later pictures towards the bottom are very clear.

Even if these are only "vapor" trails caused by water condensation, there is a tremendous amount of fuel being burned over Los Angeles and
surrounding city for the entire day. They are not water vapor trails.

These are NOT condensation trails! Those are short lived.

Best video is:
Don't believe in chemtrails? Watch this! Watch the sky! Heads Up! Watch the here!

See the video of where the UK government admitted many years of biological/chemical testing... click to read the article
confirming this!

"What in the World are They Spraying?" - Official Trailer

Germ warfare experiments on civilian to view!

Got Chemtrails, send me pictures, I'll post and promote. Time for them to stop spraying us and our families!...Click to contact!

You can research HAARP and Earthquakes and weather control.

List of dates I have pictures
010810, 021812, 031912, 032012. 032212, 032312, 032412, 040212. 040312, 040612. 04/08/12. 040912,
Sedona AZ 040912. 041612. 041712. 041812. 041912.  042512. New Mexico/Flordia 042912. 4/30/12.092112.100212. 100312. 100412.
100512. 100612. 10/15/12. 11/01/12.11/27/12, 12/5/12. 12/6/12.12/21/12.12/25/12.12/28/12.010913. 011313.

Today there were tornado's in Dallas. I wonder if all the chemtrails they've been spraying was so the could practice controlling the weather with
HAARP by running tornado over an area to see how effective the damage could be? Pretty far fetched thought, eh? I hope I'm wrong!
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You can't see
it in this
picture, but
there is a
plane on the
right hand
side of that
This chemtrail,
to the
immediate left,
across the sky
and is in the
picture below.
This picture
and the two
below were
taken about
11:35 am of
the southern
This chemtrail
picture was
taken about
11:35 am of
the eastern
These two pictures
are the same trail
going from the west to
the east in the
northern sky
There is a jet right here>
While you can't see them, there are
three jets in this picture spraying. From
the top down from west to east and low
over the mountains there are two more
going opposite directions north to
south and south to north.
Jet right here>
Jet right here>
Jet right here>
<Jet right here
Jet right above here
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