Chemtrails over Los Angeles County.

All these pictures were taken 4/09/12 between 4:20 and 5:21 pm, North Hollywood, Pacoima and Tujunga, CA. I was
traveling home!

Chemtrails over Los Angeles County.
This was a very aggressive day! Dumping tons and tons of toxic materials over 10 million innocent
men, women, children and pets! Back and forth.

Our families are targets for these dangerous chemicals. You know they are dangerous. They put fluoride in our water like that's safe. Fluoride
same used in rat poison and prozac!

Best video is:
Don't believe in chemtrails? Watch this! Watch the sky! Heads Up! Watch the here!

See the video of where the UK government admitted many years of biological/chemical testing... click to read the article
confirming this!

"What in the World are They Spraying?" - Official Trailer

Germ warfare experiments on civilian to view!

Got Chemtrails, send me pictures, I'll post and promote. Time for them to stop spraying us and our families!...Click to contact!

You can research HAARP and Earthquakes and weather control.

List of dates I have pictures
010810, 021812, 031912, 032012. 032212, 032312, 032412, 040212. 040312, 040612. 04/08/12. 040912,
Sedona AZ 040912. 041612. 041712. 041812. 041912.  042512. New Mexico/Flordia 042912. 4/30/12.092112.100212. 100312. 100412.
100512. 100612. 10/15/12. 11/01/12.11/27/12, 12/5/12. 12/6/12.12/21/12.12/25/12.12/28/12.010913. 011313.
North Hollywood about 4:20 pm
<jet that left lower trail on the left. there
was a tree was in the way
Trail above is same trail as
below. The one to the right came
from the jet indicated!
<Jet plane right here!
above is from Costco Pacioma, bellow
is from the freeway, Hwy 118 and 210.
To the right and below are shots from Costco Pacoima, CA
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