Chemtrail Spraying Stops Now

I have posted a series of pictures of chemtrails over the County of Los
Angeles, California.

For year, I've watched the spraying of chemical over Los Angeles
County. Currently we have about 12.9 million people here. I suspect
there are a few million more that don't get counted as they avoid the
government. I don't blame them!

Is the United Stated violating the
UN Treaty on Weather Weapons?
Click to read and decide for yourself

In March 2012, at least five days out of six they chemtrail sprayed the
entire county. The trails went from horizon to horizon. I took

My first picture was 1/08/10. You can see it by
clicking here. (There
have been many, many other days of chemtrail spraying that I failed to
have a camera ready. I normally notice them when I'm driving and
usually done have my camera in my car.) Most recent at this writing is
04/19/2012 click to view. Also posted from Sedona Az, click here!
More recently, shots from New Mexico and Florida here.

If this sound to incredible to be true, please visit my page here and
watch some
video proof. Click here to view!

You can research HAARP and Earthquakes and weather control.

The a
bove are the dates that I took pictures and is updated as I create
more pages

What are they spraying on Los Angeles County?

I would like to know what is being sprayed on my family, my

I know in my heart that it is not helping anyone's health. Just the
opposite, chemtrail spraying is making people ill around the world!

I know from my Twitter followers this is not a local problem. I have
solicited contribution of photos! I have received some from

Sedona Az, click here!

Here is one I found by searching the Internet: Film from Germany,

Jan to view YouTube.

Again, it's not a local problem, they are spraying Earth! Just put
Chemtrail in your search window!

They are spraying you and your family regardless of where you live

as the air knows no boundaries. Just look up!

Chemtrail Illnesses?

It seems logical to me that since we are breathing in these unknown
toxins all the time I know that people's bodies must be suffering.

How many people have sinus problems? Sinus drainage that just
doesn't stop?

How many people have trouble breathing, coughing when they do not
have a logical reason to do so?

I had one follower that reported ten people out of 10 had problems!
Could that be a coincidence?

My wife has had coughing and breathing difficulties for a couple

years. Other than that, she is totally health.

I've extremely healthy but I've had sinus drainage for over 2 years.
Nothing has abated the problem. I'd like to mention, I am not a novice

at handling this type problem. But my solutions for my wife and for
myself have failed!

Could it be the constant inhalation of toxic chemicals being sprayed
over us on Los Angeles County?

9/19/12 related article
Find out how chemtrails adversely affect your

Swedish official admits toxic 'chemtrails' are real, not a wild
conspiracy theory

Other Life Forms

Could the Chemtrails have something to do with dead fish all over the
planet? Could Chemtrails have something to do with massive amounts
of dead birds all over the world? How about the bees dying, could
Chemtrails be contributing to that?

Could autism's
rising statistics come from the aluminum children are
being injected with and
inhaling from birth onwards?

Requesting Additional Information.

Would you please survey the people you know your family? Ask if

they have any sinus drainage, sinus infections, coughing, breathing
difficulty? Keep a tabulation of how many people you ask, their names
and what the response it. Store the information. I would like to know
what percentage has problems. 8 out 10 or whatever the ratio is.

Once you've done this, let me know so I can tabulate the results.

After I have some information, I'll publish it here and promote in on
Twitter etc as well as send it to the Mayor, Governor, Senators, and

It will take a lot of people pushing the government to get this to stop.
I've hear bill gates is financing chemtrail spraying. Bill gates is pro-
population reduction and thinks that can be done by #vaccinations.

But gates is also financing chemtrails. Gates must be impatient for
population reduction.

By the way, you can replace microsoft office programs with
Office free software! Never have to pay for an update! I don't use
microsoft as I refuse to support
gates. Gates funds chemtrail spraying.
Gates funds vaccines studies to
reduce population. Gates wants to
reduce the
population of Earth, meaning YOU and me.

The following article could have huge impact on your future and the
future of your families:

Chemtrails, Radiation, Fluoride, Toxins in General, How to Survive.

©2012  by Carl Watts/  04/13/12 Edited 4/16/12 091912 100712
Articles, information by @Poet_Carl_Watts  #KnowledgeIsPower! #AwesomeTeam
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