Chemtrails...How to Survive!                                   01/31/2014

Okay, in thinking about this article, I want to keep it simple.

So I going to tell you some things you can do. All you have to do is do them!

I'll try to support each of my suggestions with a URL, unless I get lazy. Then you'll
have to look up the facts for yourself. But I have most at my finger tips which have
grown attached to my keyboard.

What do toxins do to bodies?

At the very least they create stress. Toxins are an additional work load for the body to
handle. Toxins rob your body's energy!

The body, in its normal function, creates a number of toxins it has to eliminate. It does
this very well.

But when you put toxins in from the exterior, you can overload the body's ability to
eliminate toxins fast enough.

Some toxins, it simply can not eliminate without assistance in the form of supplements
or some form of detox.

When the body can not eliminate adequately, toxins start accumulating.

Toxins are poisons. A drug over dose that kills someone is an example of too much
toxic material too fast over loading the body's ability to store or eliminate.


    Based on my
    chemtrails consist
    of aluminum,
    barium and a host
    of other toxic
    combinations. I
    believe that it is
    very possible that
    we are being
    sprayed with live
    viruses and

    Is this a man
    made flu season?
    How long have
    they been
    spraying us? I
    honestly don't
    know, haven't
    researched it but
    it's been a long

Is this a conspiracy theory? Perhaps. But what if I am right?

At the very least, nanoparticals of aluminum and barium are assaulting you night and
day via your food, water, skin contact or the air you breathe!

Many areas are sprayed around the clock such as Los Angeles! For example
Chemtrail 04/22/13.

Chlorella is good for heavy metals so would apply to Chemtrails.  I order mine from

Related Article How to Detox Heavy Metals.

Getting Healthy

I'm not writing a full book to tell you what to do. There are many good ones out there.
Personally, I recommend
The 7 Principles of FAT BURNING by Eric Berg, DC.

By the way, I'm a
Certified Health Coach! Click to view.

If you want to see the full article regarding a broad spectrum
of toxins,
click here.

Here are my simple recommendations:

Get a water filter. Any type is better than none. I personally use a reverse osmosis
filtration system. I have a
Watts Premier RO-Pure 531411 4-Stage Reverse Osmosis
System (No, not my family, I wish :-) By the way, I've installed this or a similar model
in my sisters house, all of my children's houses that have homes.

Get another filter for your shower unless you have already installed a full house
filtration system. It's not as good as I'd like but my water pressure is poor. What I use
is from my local hardware store.

Get an air purifier. Any type is better than none. I personally have two
Living Air Units
and a Idylis HEPA filter I purchased from Lowe's Home Improvement store. You can
find them anywhere. There are several air filters like the Living Air units. Compare the

Update 3/25/13: Due to the
heavy chemtrail spraying of Los Angeles, I just purchased
ionic air purifiers for my cars. Some additional information:
Home Air Purifiers: How Does An Ionizer Work?

Before I tell you what you should not have, let me tell you
What Mary and I Eat! Click to read!

Now, Go to your cupboard and refrigerator. Take a large trash
can with you.

Pick up every item and read the ingredients on it. If it contains one or more of the
following throw it in the trash:

Corn-probably #GMO click to view more data.
Sugar-is toxic,
probably #GMO
Flour-is toxic, probably #GMO
Wheat, not good for you at all. (Why?)
Soy-is toxic, fermented is okay. (
Canola (
MSG or any of its hidden forms (
Any artificial color or flavor (
Chemical, stresses body)
Any artificial sweetener (
Chemical, stresses body)
Transfats-margarine, spreads (
Toxic, stresses body)
Don't neglect your mayonnaise and salad dressings
, they almost always have
Canola/Soy oils and sugars! Processed foods with small servings can be loaded with
toxins but because the serving is so small, they don't have to list! Salad dressings,
dips, chips, cookies (don't eat them if you didn't make them yourself!)

An unsuspected source of #GMO corn is Vitamin C and Dextrose. You should verify
the are not from GMO corn!

All Dairy including yogurt, kefir, cheeses etc.(Why?)

Next Review Your exposure to chemicals and plastics as mentioned above
in section on Cookware, Plastics, Cleaning, and other Household chemicals!

There are probably more...but this is a good start. :-)

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Disaster Preparation.
Hormones that Trigger Fat Storage or Fat Burning (storing fats is unhealthy condition).
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Commercial Meats

I'm not going into lengthly discussion about commercial meat production. Factory
farms are a health threat.

The animals are not healthy.  They are fed
#GMO corn and made ill. They are then
antibiotics which you then consume.

Where you can, purchase organic grass fed eggs, beef, and chicken. I've never seen
organic pork but its probably out there.

August 2013 update: I've located
Applegate Organic and Natural Meats. I've had their
bacon, Mmmmm! -

According to my very good friend
Dr Anita Pepi, the only fish she recommends is
Alaskan salmon. Why?

Costco and Trader Joe's stock this product.


Not everyone will go through their food supplies and throw out 95-99% because they
don't have the funds to replace all their food.

I understand.

A friend, who had breast cancer has salad dressing with soy bean oil in it. She won't
throw it out even though she knows it is a direct hazard to her health. But the next
bottle she purchases will not have soy anything in it.

So if you can't face throwing out a lot of toxic crap, go ahead and keep it. Just don't
repurchase anything that is aiding your chances of becoming ill and perhaps dying.

Prevention is much cheaper than treatment...

How much does a weeks stay in the hospital cost? You could throw out every thing in
your kitchen, even the appliances and save more money than going to the hospital!

Your Pets

I don't often champion pets as the humans need so much help but I thought I should
insert a couple lines for our little furry friends.

Look at the labels of your pet food. If it has corn in it, throw it out!

Stop killing your little buddy!

Corn is almost all #GMO. The pet food manufacturers can't ship #GMO food to
Europe. So they have separate batches of #GMO crap for the US pets and organic
for European pets.

Does that seem fair to my cat Jack?

Hello NO. So I trashed the corn crap food.

Kirkland brands of cat food and dog food, all that I've inspected,
do not have corn,
wheat or soy
. So many other brand have all three toxic ingredients. You can get
Kirkland products at Costco.

Viruses and pH for Bodies

That's a whole another article.

I'm going to write an article because two people I've contacted recently have had
illnesses lasting over a month.

Of course the antibiotics they've been given haven't worked. Even several different
kinds of antibiotics haven't worked.

Do you want to know why? Here's a clue: Antibiotics DO NOT work on viruses!

Antibiotics kill the friendly bacteria wreck your immune system. This sets you up,
weakened, for more severe ills in
the future. Very profitable for medical/pharma industries.

I've since written the article:
Viruses and How To Control to read.


See related poem Immortality, Life is Grand!

©2014  by Carl Watts/ 01314
picture facing south from Sunland Ca on 1/8/10 of chem trails
Articles, information by @Poet_Carl_Watts  #KnowledgeIsPower! #AwesomeTeam
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