A Poem for Moms
Page created 5/9/09
Soft looks as she sees him as
He stands by the doorway
Dressed for battle, among his peers

Nervous laughter bubbles freely
Among the wives and lovers they hold dearly
Swiftly dawn arrives ore New York City
No time to make one pretty

Hugs and tears follow soldiers out to war
As planes shoot up over clouds of blue
My Momma cannot stop thinking of you

When home he came her dear husband true
A life they made with much love between him and you

Time pushed on came babies four
Two boys’ two girls all through the door

To the home you made our Momma girl
You hardly had time for a curl!
Brown red hair all done up right
For your date with Daddy tonight

With all six we came to be
To brighten lives and Christmas trees
Happy birthdays and skinned knees

Marriages and babies of our own
As you sit my dear Momma and watch us all grown

We love you dearest Momma for giving us life
Be here; enjoy your time ~ it is right for you to know
How much you are loved by all four of us, all great ~
And ~ grandbabies more ~ for my dearest Momma, Happy Mothers day!
I love you Mummy, your Cheri

By Cheri Didear Loomis
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