Childhood Misadventure 4 “Down into the Deep Hole” Part 1

After George and I discovered the deep hole at the end of the tunnel* on Saturday, I could hardly stand it on Sunday when
mom made us all go to Sunday School. I tried to tell her I was sick but she wouldn’t listen and made me and George go
anyway. Our little sisters didn’t care where they went; they were just babies and had fun everywhere!

So having to go to Sunday School, used up too much of the day to go back to the caves. But it gave me time to think. I
decided this could be a dangerous trip, down that steep hole. So I figured George and I should bring some company; Johnny
and his little brother Sam. We were all best friends.

So after Sunday School was over and we changed clothes, George and I went to find Johnny and Sam.

I told them about Deep Hole and swore them all to secrecy not to tell any big people about it. If our parents knew about the
deep hole, they would think it was too dangerous and not let us go!

But what could happen? I never fell and none of us ever got hurt much. And I decided to take come kite string so there was no
way to get lost.

Moms always worried about nothings all the time!

Well Johnny and Sam promised not to tell anyone!

We agreed to get up really early and head for the caves. Johnny and Sam would bring flashlight, extra batteries and the kite

I had some rope. So we were all set to leave early in the morning on our bikes for the caves!

It was hard to go to sleep because the mystery was really exciting. I wondered to myself, what could be down that hole at the
back on the secret tunnel so far down into the Earth? Where did it go?

Well, as it seems to happen, one minute I’m excited and thinking about everything and the next minute, I’m waking up
wondering how I asleep!

I reached over to George and told him “Wake up! Hurry, let’s go eat! We have to meet Johnny and Sam!”

He grumbled for a second then seemed to wake up enough to know what I was talking about. He jumped up and put on his
clothes really fast. His shirt was backwards but I never knew if he wanted it that way or just didn’t notice. It wasn’t important
enough to slow us down talking.

We raced to the kitchen and got down the cereal. Boy was it really good with lots of sugar and cold milk! Sometimes, I ate two

George always wanted two bowls but he never ate the second one so I wouldn’t let him fix two at the same time. He had to eat
one and then get another. He never did. He was still little.

After breakfast, we made lunches! Peanut butter and jelly! I loved to use three pieces of bread. That way, I could get more
peanut butter and more jelly on the sandwich. I never seemed to be able to get enough to eat! So I made me two triple deckers
and made George two regular sandwiches.

“George, go get the flashlights and some extra batteries.” I wondered if dad ever thought about where the batteries
disappeared to. Well so far he hadn’t gotten upset!

I went to the back porch and got the rope. It wasn’t real thick but it was strong. It could hold Johnny, Sam, George and me all
at the same time! I used it once to climb a tree and we were all on it at once! So it was really strong! It was almost as long as
the field at school. Dad said that was over a 100 yards.

We got on the bike and went to Johnny and Sam’s house. They lived at the top of the hill in a big house. They were up! The
lights were on in their room. You could see them coming up the hill. The rest of the house was dark.

George and I got to the front of the house about the time Johnny and Sam were coming out.

“Johnny, where’s the string?”

Johnny looked embarrassed and said “I forgot it.” He ran back inside and was back in just a couple seconds with a big ball of

He said “Got it and we have the flashlights and batteries!”

“Okay, let’s go.”

Johnny and Sam both had bikes. George was riding on my handlebars and off we went.

It didn’t take long to get to the caves. They were near a big road with lots of cars but we were in the trees and stayed off the

We parked the bikes and went to the hidden cave entrance.

George had to go pee so we waited for him to go behind a bush and then we all crawled into the cave.

Nobody said “Flashlights on!” It was dark and we all turned them on.

We quickly made our way to the back cave where the water fall is.

Johnny couldn’t wait and said “So where’s this mysterious tunnel?”

I smiled and winked at George and said “Well, since it’s a mystery, see if you can solve it! Go ahead, look for it!”

So Sam and Johnny went around and around the big cave with their flashlights looking for the entrance. They couldn’t find it.

I told them “I’ll give you a clue. Close your eyes and count to 25 and open them.”

They did and George and I quietly walked over and into the crack.

I could hear them saying “Hey! Where are you?”

So I stuck my head back in and looked at them through the water fall. “Over here!” And I turned on my flashlight.

They ran over very excited.

We all went down the tunnel. Not as fast as we came in because Sam and Johnny kept stopping to look around at the
beautiful rocks and formations.

Johnny’s eyes were really big from all the sights. He said “The stalagmite and stalactites* were huge and very old. I read
about them in a book once!”

We got the end and there was the hole.

Johnny, Sam and George all ran to it and shined their flashlight down the hole. It just kept going down.

I looked around and found a column and started tying the rope around it.

“Okay guys! Here’s the plan. I’ll go first. Then George and Sam can come down. Johnny, you go last.”

Everybody was fine with me giving the orders. I was a month older than Johnny!

“You guys wait until I see what’s there!”

They groaned but I could see they were a bit glad I was going first and they got to wait. I guess they were a bit scared. Well so
was I but I wasn’t going to let that stop me from the biggest adventure ever!

So I tied my flashlight to my shoulder so it would shine ahead and leave both my hands free and started down the hole.

I seemed to notice a slight breeze the same as I did just inside the entrance to the secrete tunnel, huh? I wondered about that
only for a second and kept going down and down.

Some of the rocks were slippery and wet. There was a lot of water around and some of it was running down the sides and on
the floor, like I was climbing down inside a small stream!

So I went down slow. I got to the bottom just about the time the rope ran out. That meant the hole was almost 300 feet deep.
Wow! This was a deep cave!

I decided that Sam and George should hook the rope through their belts. That way, in case they slipped, they wouldn’t go
falling a hundred feet or something. I wasn’t really worried because they never fell or got hurt like some kids do!

I yelled back up the hole and got no answer! This scared me a little. What if they chickened out and left me down here?

So I started climbing up the hole. Boy was that hard work but I was nothing for me. I was almost 8 year old!

I kept yelling and about half way, I guess, they heard me.

Sam and George started down with the rope attached to their belts.

Johnny came down just like I did. He didn’t need to be strapped to the rope!

By the time we all reached the bottom, my heart was racing. I don’t know if it was from climbing up and down or just plain

We all stood there silently in excitement!

I said “Come on! Let’s go!” And I started down the gently sloping tunnel.

There were not extra tunnels so we didn’t use the string. It was just one tunnel and only two ways to go, down or back up.

The tunnel leveled off and up ahead, I saw a light.

I stopped the boys and said “Look!”

For a minute, we froze!

The conclusion is written! To read, contact me.

By Carl Watts ©2008

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Childhood Misadventure 4 "Down into The Deep Hole"
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