Just to help you remember, I found out I could make space. Simplest thing there ever was to do. I tried it and it worked! It
worked so well, it scared me and it disappeared. I couldn’t get the sheet of space back. I tried the next day to make some more
space with a hole in it. It worked!

The sheet of space just hung there in the air almost invisible and so thin that you couldn’t see it from the side. You know,
space is just the stuff between you and something else like between on wall and another. That’s space, what you look
through. If you close your eyes and aren’t looking, there’s no space.

I had learned a few things. If I got too excited or too scared, the sheet of space vanished and was hard to get back. The other
thing was when I got tired that instead of a sheet of space with a hole in it, I would just fall to sleep.

And if I didn’t put something in the hole, there was nothing there!

Just discovering how to make space and putting a hole in it was a pretty good adventure by itself!


I got up early and ate breakfast. George was off playing with our sisters. I was just about ready to go to the bedroom and
make some space when Mom came out.

“Darma. Get ready for church! I want you to go today!” And then she whirled around and went back to her room.

Boy was that annoying! I didn’t like going to church anyway. All it did was sit and listen to some old guy saying things that
mostly I didn’t understand.  And sometimes he sounded bored to death and other times he looked and sounded like he was
going to die from a heart attack or something! He was weird and scary!

But I knew there was no arguing with Mom. I’d tried lots of times before and it was hopeless. My whole morning was going to
used on my adventure creating holes in space and now it would be wasted. Oh. I felt almost sick.

But even being sick wouldn’t get me out of church. I never get sick really and mom can tell when I’m faking so I guess I’ll just
have to get ready.

Mom and the four of us children arrived at church. We all sat on the hard bench. It was pretty to look at but hard to sit on. Even
being as miserable to sit on as it was, some of the old people would fall asleep except when the old man up front got loud and
upset looking.

So his voice started to go on and on. I really didn’t hear what he was saying cause I was thinking about my sheet of space
and the hole in it.

I wondered if adults would see it if they looked where it was.  Now that was an interesting idea!

If I could put a sheet of space up behind the preacher, they call him a “preacher” I guess because he talks about nothing all
the time, what would happen?

Well, I looked over at Mom and she was watching this preacher. I don’t think she trusted him the way she kept her eye on him.
But with her watching him, I could close my eyes and so I did.

I imagined a big sheet of space back behind the preacher. I put the hole in it right behind his head. I though having the light
coming from the cave would be real funny so I had that there in the hole. I’ve heard that kind of light is called illumination. It’s a
big word meaning light.

I got it up there really good and opened my eyes. Yep I could see it plain as day.  The preacher looked a bit green in the light
from the cave.

I looked around and no one seemed to notice the space, the hole or the light.

Then I looked at George. He was a really smart kid for being so little. George was looking kind of funny at the preacher. I
wondered did George see the space or the light.

So I touched him on the pants leg and he looked at me. I motioned towards the preacher and looked at him kind of asking
what he saw.

His eyes were wide and he pointed! Yep, George could see it too.

I decided that I should make it vanish before I got into trouble so I decided it wasn’t there and it vanished. That was pretty
good! Always before, the space had vanished because I got excited or scared.

This time, I destroyed the space! Wow, that was great to know I could do that!

So I closed my eyes again and decided to create some space and to put it on the wall at home by the end of the bed.

That was easy to do. I put the hole in it and had the cave light coming out. That was easy to imagine too.

Next thing I knew, George was elbowing me and telling me to wake up.

I guess I fell asleep. It was time to go! Phew. Creating space was much more fun that listening to the preacher. I bet even Mom
would like it better if she knew how to do it.

When we got home, we all had to change so we wouldn’t mess up our dress up go to church clothes. Mom really got mad if
we did that.

George looked at me as we were changing. He had a real funny look on his face. He said “Alright, tell me what’s going on!”

I told you he was smart. He knew the green light was my doing!

“Well, I learned how to make space and then I put a hole in it and put the cave with the light in it into the hole!”

This was too much too fast for George. He said “No I mean how did you do it?”

“Okay, here’s what I’ve been doing.”

I explained how I would close my eyes and “Just close your eyes and just imagine putting up four dots and making the space
between them a sheet.”

George said, “Okay, I did that.”

Next I told him “Imagine a hole in it.”

George nodded he did.

Alright “Put something in the hole or if you don’t there will be nothing in there.”

George said “I put the stalagmites from the tunnel in it.”

“Okay, now imagine the sheet of space over on the wall”

George said “Okay it’s there!”

“Well open your eyes and lets look.”

We both looked over at the wall and sure enough there was a sheet of space. And George had put a square hole it in. I went
over and stuck my head in and there was the tunnel with the stalagmites stalactites inside it!

George said “Let me see! And pushed me out of the way.

Wow! You could tell George was really surprised.

He pulled his head back out and said “How does this work?”

I told George “I don’t know. I only discovered this just before school started. You know when it was raining and we couldn’t
go outside and play.”

George said “Yea, I remember!”

“So, do you want to do some more adventuring with space?”

George looked funny again, I guess he was thinking about it. George said “Not now. Let go play with Johnny and Sam. We
can do this later!”

Well it sounded like a good idea to me and we took off.

By the time we were done playing it was dinner and bed.

I tried to make some space and I got it but I never got my eyes open to see if it was over on the
wall cause I fell asleep.

While I was sleeping, I wondered if I could put my hands and my head into the hole, could I
put all my body in there and what would happen….

To be continued. Email me if you'd like to see the next day's adventures.

By Carl Watts ©2008

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Childhood Misadventure 8 "The Green Light Behind the Preacher"
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