“C” Space

Introduction for the parents:

Hopefully you have kept up with Darma and his earlier adventures. If not, feel free to access them in part on my website at Stories by Carl.

Information about the title:

“C” is the traditional letter used to represent the speed of light in formulas such as E=MC². (By the way, this simply means that the energy in a mass is
equal to the mass times the speed of light squared. This means an incredibly huge amount of energy in any solid object on an atomic level!”

“C” could also stand for Children. Children, with their imagination, can have “C” Space if they want to! Most of them have a vivid imagination and this
should be fostered and encouraged. Because this is the stuff dreams are made from and this is where the future comes from…Imagination! And our
children are the future! Let us hope they have a broad imagination to help solve the problems in the future!

"C" could stand for Created Space. “C” could also stand for Carl’s Space. There is some truth in this story. The children will probably see it. Will the
wiser, perhaps more serious, adult see it?

Write me and let me know what you thing “C” stands for.  This is the second chapter about "C Space"


“C” Space, Weekend Two Saturday

As you probably remember, it was last weekend that  I first found out I could make space. Simplest thing there ever was to do.
I tried it on Saturday and it worked but scared me so much that I couldn’t get the sheet of space back. Then on Sunday, I tried
to make some more space with a hole in it. It worked!

The sheet of space just hung there in the air almost invisible and so thin that you couldn’t see it from the side. You know,
space is just the stuff between you and something else like between on wall and another. That’s space, what you look
through. If you close your eyes and aren’t looking, there’s no space.

Anyway, I had made the sheet over by the wall near the end of the bed so George would come rushing in and fall into it or
something! That would be terrible if he did and got lost or whatever would happen to someone who when through the hole!

Last weekend, I had learned a few things.

If I got too excited or too scared, the sheet of space vanished and was hard to get back.

The other thing was when I got tired that instead of a sheet of space with a hole in it, I would just fall to sleep.

And if I looked into the hole, there was nothing there! Just plain nothing!

All week long, I’ve been trying to put a sheet of space there with the hole in it and every night, I start to get it there and boom! I’
m sleeping to wake in time to go to school!

Tomorrow is Saturday. I’m still trying to figure out why there is nothing in the hole! I think if figured out the answer. There was
nothing there because I didn’t put anything there. It was my space, my hole and my nothing. But I needed to test this to see for

So tomorrow, early in the morning, I’m going to try again and see if I could create the space, the hole and this time put
something in there to see! That was what I wanted the hole in space for anyway! I wanted to bring things to me so I could have
adventures without having to go outside when it was raining!

I didn’t know what kind of an adventure it would be but just discovering how to make space and putting a hole in it was a
pretty good adventure by itself!

I tried last night when I went to bed but I just fell to sleeping!

Saturday Morning

George was already up and in playing with our little sisters.

He was a lot littler than me and liked to play with them. Sometimes I played with them too but we always seemed to get upset.
George could play with them for hours and hours. I don’t know how he does it!

I wanted to start my adventure but I was starving and just couldn’t seem to think at all so I gave up and went to get some food.

I went to the refrigerator to get the milk and noticed some left over chicken. I pulled that out and some rice too. This would be
a good start. So I ate the chicken and rice and then fixed me a big bowl of cereal. We always had cornflakes. It says right on
the box it’s where American children get most of their days vitamins. I don’t know what “vitamins” are but they must be
important and so I figured I should eat one or two bowls every day. I wanted to get bigger fast and be really strong!

That was a super breakfast! I put my bowl and the empty chicken and rice containers in the sink. Mom liked that for some
reason. Seemed like nothing so I usually remembered to put them in the sink so she’d be happy! Mom is more fun when she is
happy! I like mom!

I looked into the girl’s room and there was George playing something with them. He had a car and they had dolls. Oh well.

I went to my room and closed the door. I pulled the chair over in front of the door so George wouldn’t come running in. Didn’t
want to lose him in that hole!

I decided to continue to do exactly what I did last time I was able to create the hole in space. So I laid down and closed my

I imagined the four corners of the sheet of space and put a hole in it. I could see it! I decided it should actually be against the
wall by the end of the bed and it was there, just hanging there.

Well so far so good! I decided that on the other side of the sheet of space through the hole it should be the glow in the dark
cave that we found earlier this summer at the bottom of the deep hole!

I could see the cave with the many colors! It was right there through the hole!

Now for the big test! I opened my eyes.

Over against the wall by the end of the bed was my sheet of space with the hole in it! It was just like before but now it was
against the wall like I imagined it.

I got off the bed and walked over to the sheet. I put my hand into the hole in the space and it went right in!

This was incredible because the sheet of space was flat against the wall! It seemed impossible but I just did it!

The wall was not there where the hole was.

I was so amazed and surprised the sheet of space and the hole started to fade! So I calmed down fast.

I sat down on the end of the bed and wondered about this whole thing.

The sheet grew clear and solid looking with the hole clearly there in the middle. It was flat up against the wall and was too thin
to see the edge! It was like a picture on the water that could be seen but not felt!

I was still thinking about this adventure. I had really done it! I had brought things to me! Just like I wanted, just like I imagined!

For a couple minutes I just sat there looking at the hole in the sheet of space. Then I realized I needed to see if the colored
cave was on the other side of the wall.

I was about to get up and put my head into the hole when George came banging on the door trying to push the chair out of
the way.  The noise pulled my attention away from the space and it faded away.

I got up and went to move the chair so George could come in.

George said “Hey! Why’d you block the door? It’s my room too!

I could tell he was a bit angry as he didn’t understand. I’d never blocked the door before.

I said “Okay!” a little bit too loud because he was being angry with me.

I could tell he was going to start asking a lot of questions that I didn’t have good answers for so I said, “Let’s go play with
Johnny and Sam!”

George immediately got happy and forgot the door being blocked and said “Let’s go!”

Playing with Johnny and Sam was always fun so I forgot about my secrete adventure for the minute!

We both ran out and found Johnny and Sam.

By the time we were done, it was dinner time.

Mom made meat loaf again! Boy was that good. I like meat loaf because I could have seconds and usually there were enough
potatoes or rice to really get full!

George liked this too. He was eating a lot now days. I guessed he was growing but I couldn’t tell it.

After dinner, it was bed time. I got to stay up a few minutes longer because I was the oldest. I usually helped mom clear the
table. She liked that.

It was still early, earlier than usual for going to bed.

George fell asleep as soon as he started to lie down. I never got to say good night to him as he was always asleep before I
could get the words out of my mouth. Mom said he was a good sleeper. I guess he must need the sleep or something.

But I was wide awake and George was sleeping. I decided I would make the space with the hole with the colored cave!

I lied down and imagined the sheet of space with the hole in it. I imagined the colored cave behind the hole. I did it just like it
did this morning.

I opened my eyes and there it was over on the wall! It was hard to see because it was almost dark.

But the hole was easy to see! There was a glow coming out of it!

I got up and went over. This time, I didn’t mess around, I stuck my head through the hole! Yep! This was fantastic. There in that
hole was the cave that glowed with the many colors!

This cave was miles away! I had my head in a cave that was miles away! No one would believe this!

I sat down on my bed. I could barely believe it myself! My heart was racing and I could feel it all over my body it was going so

Then I thought again. The hole was right against the solid wall of my bedroom! And I had just stuck my head through a solid
wall into a cave miles away!

It was such a weird idea, a super idea, a real super adventure that I was excited beyond anything ever before! More than about
the Princess and the Dragon*, more than about Blackie* and more than discovering the secrete tunnel* leading to the glowing
colored cave!*

I was so excited, the sheet of space, the hole and the glowing cave all disappeared.

I tried as hard as I could but I couldn’t get them back. My thoughts kept wondering and I’d forget what I was doing.

I fell asleep….

By Carl Watts ©2008

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Blackie  see Childhood Misadventure 2 “
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*Secrete Tunnel see Childhood Misadventure 3 “
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*glowing Colored Cave  see Childhood Misadventure 4 “
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To be continued. Email me if you'd like to see the next day's adventures. Carl

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