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Christine Kane

    Years ago, I was on the road and happened to catch a snippet of the news while waiting in an airport. "

    ...the Washington DC area was plunged into darkness this evening as storms raged..."

    Plunged? Darkness? Rage?

    Quickly I grabbed my phone and called my mom to make sure she was okay.

    When she picked up, I said, "Hey! Are you all okay?"

    She sounded surprised to hear from me. "Yes. Why?"

    I told her that I had just seen the news.

    "Well, the lights went out. So we lit candles."

    In other words, no one plunged. Nothing fell. In fact, there was no descent to speak of.

    In my mom's words: "The lights went out."

    But that's not news, is it? Plunging, on the other hand. Now THAT'S news!


    It's no secret that the media hooks us in with subtle twists of language.
    After all, if we don't get hooked, then we don't need to find out more, do we? If
    we don't need to find out more, then we won't be watching when the
    commercials run.

    Let's say the guy on the news tells you: "It's all good!"

    That just sends you on your way, doesn't it?

    "Phew! Everything's fine. Back to my day!"

    But "plummeting" and "crisis" and "slumps" (oh my). Those get us every time.

    Those headlines sell ads.

    Here's some breaking news for you: The news is not a public service. It's a business. As such, it needs you to live
    your life reactively so you'll keep watching.

Now, some people choose to look at all these media messages and get outraged. "Look at those media people! They're just trying to get

But this just keeps you hooked - only it's from a different angle. The media watch dog types provide another perspective - but they still
remain at the level of the drama. It's still

There's another way. You can
rise above the negativity completely. And then choose to see the media and all of its doom and gloom as
"resistance training" - actually helping your mental muscle to grow, and training you to get better and better at
creating your own reality.

Does this sound a little stupid?

Well, consider something.

Think about your muscles. Whether you're a world-class athlete or just someone who works-out to stay in shape, your muscles do not grow
or change without meeting resistance. Resistance
training is required for the building of body and muscle strength - even if it's just the
weight of your own body, as in Pilates or Yoga.

So, why would it be any different with creating new thought patterns and better responses to the world around you?

It's not!

So rather than waiting for the negativity to subside so that you can feel okay about the world, use it as training! It's a form of resistance
training. It is helping you become a
better creator, a better leader of your own life, and someone who can self-generate happiness
and results. As opposed to being someone who waits for the outside world to tell you that you're okay, that you're gonna be okay, and that
you are productive, abundant, and peaceful.

Here's how it works:

1 - You consciously choose the thoughts you want to think and believe.

2 - Every time you hear the news, or find yourself in a conversation with doomers and gloomers,
become an athlete. See how your mind
and its thoughts hold up to the resistance.

3 - Remember that no one goes into a gym for the first time and bench presses 300 pounds. (Or 100 for that matter!) It takes
and awareness.

4 - Congratulate yourself each time you notice that you hold your mental strength and keep your desired
. That's the beginning!

When you get good at this, you'll see powerful results. You'll notice that you instantly see through the drama
and the language that used to hook you. And best of all, you'll recognize
that your thoughts are far more powerful than anything that plummets, descends, or has a
crisis outside of them.



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Performer, songwriter, and creativity consultant Christine Kane publishes her 'LiveCreative' weekly ezine with
more than 4,000 subscribers. If you want to be the artist of your life and create authentic and lasting success,
you can sign up for a FRE*E subscription to LiveCreative at

See Christine's blog - Be Creative. Be Conscious. Be Courageous - at
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