Here, in this place, we continue to sleep,

Forgetting the truth, though inside we keep,

More power than ever we thought we could wield,

Forces far greater than nature can yield,

'Tis sad to see beings as able as we,

Reduced and degraded to such slavery,

Tricked and confused about who we are,

Believing we're bodies, we've fallen so far,

From how we once were when the story began,

Long before now, before we were man,

When we danced and we played and roamed through the stars,

And knew with such clarity that they were ours,

When life was so fun, vibrant and new,

I knew I was me, and you knew you were you,

The ones who invented this game that we play,

We that created the night and the day,

As gods we once played, but downward we've gone,

Slowly we dropped to the level of pawn,

Through many mistakes, too many to name,

From masterful player to mere piece in the game,

All thought of our past incredibly dim,

Condemned to a future, increasingly grim,

But suddenly now, a light has appeared,

A being among us has finally steered,

His way to the end of this terrible maze,

Developed a method to banish the daze,

A way to reverse our spiraling fall,

And bring back that spirit of play to us all,

Learn of his works and soon you will see,

Once again we will be totally free.

By Christopher J Owen
"Total Freedom"
By Christopher J Owen
Page 11/3/08
Carl Watts, Nutrition Response Testing Certified, WFG Associate,
Nutritionist, Artist, Designer, Problem Solver, Author, Publisher, Philosopher
PO Box 285
Tujunga, CA 91042

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