City Ethereal, Home Universe

In the beginning there was a word, actually a couple. “I am.”

Having decided that, what was next? I was serene and completely without
action or challenge of any type. I was all cause. There was no effect.

There was nothing, just me.

It went this way without time for what would be a long time had there been time.

So I next decided there should be something and decided on a city, I invented the concept, a place to be and do things.

I created my universe and put a city in it. (This was a long time ago so pardon any gaps in getting from one point to the next. Historically this
was supposed to take 7 days but they got that wrong. The creation was instantaneous and it wasn’t a world, only a city. To an exterior
observer, it could have taken years or just an instant but the creation was. Changes just happened!)

So I had space and with a city in it, to persist, there had to be time. So space and time came to be.

The city was named City Ethereal* by me. It was a structure without any structure. The filaments of the city swayed and glowed first one
color and then changing as the filament swayed a different direction. Yes, there was color! Sometimes the filaments went many directions
at once and were many colors at once. Fireworks are a very shallow mockery of this!

I created more and more city. Brightness and colors played against darkness and
vastness of the void. The structure or lack of structure
went for miles and miles though measurement of size was non-existent!

Even though there was time, the structure was timeless as there was nothing to gage the passing of time except my creations.

It was a beautiful and awesome sight to behold! Later gods marveled at this magnificent creation

Still there was a serious lack of activity; actually the only activity was the variations of the city as imposed by me. Not vary random, very


Realizing that without others the beautiful city would only be a thing of my imagination, my creation, my dream. So I decided there should be
others to admire my creation. Others that could come and play in my created playground, The City!

I simply put others there after my own image. They all had my ability and my memories and they were given freedom to be and do as they

I found it interesting that some choose to be less cause and more effect than other. They choose less power rather than more. This made
for more challenges. I could understand that but personally I didn’t plan to go that route.

But my control over them ended at that point, the point of their creation. If I wished to control them, they would be just like the city, only things
of my creation.

They could choose to create more beings and they would all have similar abilities but the memories would be different from mine due to my
relinquishing of control.

Soon the city was populated with many beings of power of many different levels of power by their choice.

They created new games and some played against others. Some didn’t play fair which bothered no one.


But over time, the games became serious and the unfairness turned evil.

Still all was fair in love and war. And we had love and war in our (my) city.

Though, soon the seriousness became heavy.

From the beginning there had not been any forces playing on the city except my creation. But I had let loose many beings of power who did
this again and that went on and on.

Soon there were many beings far removed from me.

The heaviness eventually affected City Ephemeral and it collapsed.

This created a shock wave felt by all the being of the Home Universe.

Most went away to create Universes of their own.

Only a few choose to rejoin with me.

I merely put My Home Universe back with City Ethereal as its central feature. Those beings that had rejoined me went back to the city. I put
more new beings there and we started again. The beings multiplied many times over and over.

One unit of time, there were no days or nights, there was a huge crash and my Home Universe and City Ethereal vanished.

In its place was a cold universe that worked in reverse of what you’d expect.

It was dense and heavy.

There were many, many beings in this universe. They were playing games just like the beings in My Universe but they didn’t seem to know
each other like they did when we were home.

They didn’t seem to know me. That was okay as I knew them. They were like my children but they weren’t as they were all free beings.

Time Passed

In the physical universe, a cold cruel universe, many beings have taken unfair advantage over others and then we’d switch off and get back
at them by taking unfair advantage over them!

The result is that all the beings declined and became degraded. They lost their abilities to create and play games.

I carried an immense amount of guilt and regret for letting others do so much damage to others… I wanted to forget and did…

I found myself one day working a job that wasn’t fun.

I looked about for my friends, my created free beings. No where could they be spotted. All that were about were so degraded that I’m sure
that I never had anything to do with creating them.

But I realized I was merely playing a game and hoped the others were too.

I know I am immortal and can create it all again, but here on Earth, playing is discouraged and work for money to feed the body, pay the
government for a license to survive was the game of the day.

I decided to forget again and got up and went to work.

As I wrote this down, I wonder how many of you, my created friends, remember and then decide to forget again and again and again?

Soon we’ll have to ascend back to our home and play the games of spirits and life.

Call me when you are ready. I miss my friends…

To be continued….

By Carl Watts


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