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Science fiction. 358 pages. A walloping good story with mind twists and bone cracking turns of plot. Be warned. It
takes you to some strange places. Might even make one look...out there.  

Published by Bank House Books of the United Kingdom, you can find and order it anywhere ($20.00 US):

* (Within the U.S.) For a limited time, for a signed copy, order from Clark directly at an Author's
Discount ($18.00), by replying directly to this
email (click to email) saying you will send a check to:

      Clark Carr,
      Last Wolves of Mars,
      3133 1/2 Weldon Ave.,
      Los Angeles, CA 90065.

We'll send you off a copy directly. Don't forget to give us your address. (Soon we'll have websites up.)

* OR: Whether in the US, UK, Europe, or Asia, go to, click on the book
title, and follow directions to order ($20 US, £ 14.99 UK).

* Or even Google Last Wolves of Mars and order it from anywhere. You can find a distributor closer
to your planet.

Please do us the favor of "spreading the word around." And let us hear from you.

Clark and Richard
Have a great day and an awesome tomorrow.

I'm passing this along as part of my efforts to support art and artists everywhere!

You can also order from by clicking on the image to the right!

But to get the autographed copy, you must send fund straight to Clark Carr!

Have a great day!

Carl Watts

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