If you
r only goal is to stay ahead of your neighbors or your friends, that is complacency.

Again, I invite you to examine the world you
're living in, the world your children and grandchildren are
growing up in.

From a song, it said “Give peace a chance.” I'd say lets make this personal, give your family a chance!

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The Way To Happiness if distributed broadly will handle complacency.

Routinely I say #EverythinWill_B_OK! I believe that is true!

Also, “A person is only as valuable as he aids others in their games of survival!” Quoting myself :-)

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I checked for a definition and Google let me down.

However next in line,
Merriam-Webster has two excellent definitions:
    1.  self-satisfaction especially when accompanied by unawareness of
    actual dangers or deficiencies 
    2.  an instance of usually unaware or uninformed self-satisfaction

When I look around, I tend to see complacency in the vast number of people.
Let me elaborate.

The 9-5 Job

I've heard that “job” is really an acronym for Just Over Broke. Unfortunately
this is just what the educational systems are designed to produce. Schools
produce work forces to man the machines, the desk and the assembly line.

There is nothing wrong with having a job if your life goal is to just get by. Why
on some jobs, you can be very comfortable. I see the drivers of fancy cars
being very complacent.

Again nothing wrong with driving a fancy car! But where are the drivers
actually going in life? To work or sometimes to play a bit.


Setting a goal requires some idea of a better state in life, a more ideal scene.
If you're just looking at the late model car and a couple dollars in the bank as
ideal, I believe you are doomed and you will be taking the human race down
with you!

There is a lot wrong on Earth.

Could an ideal scene include unpolluted air and water? How about food, that
is actually food, not something toxic flavored to taste good while slowly killing
you and your family?


World peace is not imagined enough. Too many people make huge amounts
of money selling bombs, bullets, tanks, planes and other death dealing high
tech nightmares!

Terrorism is a product of governments, especially, the CIA and it's counter
parts around the globe. Were there actual peace, we would not need the CIA
nor the FBI nor DHS...

I suspect if we were not being constantly frightened by the media about the
latest ”terrorist attack,” we might turn our attention on the corrupt federal
agencies. I'll only list a few: IRS, FDA, USDA, NSA, DOE, ATF, NIS, BLM and
so on.

If we straightened out the government, we could handle the people they work
for. I'll name just a few like: the fed, boa, chase, citi, wellsfargo, basf, bayer,
dow, dupont, monsanto, syngenta, chevron, exxon, lilly, pfizer, ama, apa, cdc,
boeing, lockheed, etc.

Who Do You Emulate?

Is it the guy with a newer car, the flashier spouse, the bigger home? Are they
doing anything to better life beyond their immediate creature comforts?

I knew a very rich man. I liked him even though he had criminal tendencies
and was often dishonest.

However, I was the closest thing to a friend the man had. First I was not after
his money nor his wife. (I worked for him so I did expect to be paid.)

His wife didn't trust him. He had a couple loyal employees which were both
stuck in ruts and couldn't conceive of going elsewhere. It was sad, he had no
friends. All his money didn't do him a bit of good. The art on his walls was
aesthetic but he didn't help anyone.

I have a quote of words I wrote: “A person is only as valuable as he aids
others n their games of survival!” I do this daily in many ways.

The articles I write are meant to enlighten and help others. The nutritional
information I pass on is not known to the bulk of humanity. If they knew about
nutrition, they'd be healthy, so I pass it on!

Personally I emulate some of the great people from the past who helped
others broadly. Death has not deterred the effects they created on humanity!

What are your Goals?

Do your goals include improving the lives of others? It is never too late to
make changes for the better!

Do your goals include improving your own life, your knowledge and ability to
do, to help?

Read a book! Take a course or study something that might help you in life!
Buy some art! Plant some flowers. The list is endless.
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