Complex vs Simple


Is man simple or complex? Are the “mysteries” of the universe simple or

Let's revisit school! Did the teacher or professor present the data in a
simple or complex manner? Did you leave certain or confused? If you were
confused the teacher/professor was worst than worthless! He or she
harmed you!

Take them off your Christmas car
d list!

If you came away, enlightened, confident with your new knowledge, your
teacher was a gem! Write them a thank you note today! I can guarantee
you they were under acknowledged for their positive efforts!

Medicine is Complicated!

Why is medicine so complicated?  Medicine is complicated because the
body can do so many things. The body can be ill or hurt in any place or any
part! It can swell, shrink, change color, itch, tingle or be numb.

The medical/pharmacuitical industries operate only on profits. They profit
treating people with poor health.

It is not true that all doctors are only profit motivated. Many are people
dedicated to helping people and do the best they know how. Related article
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But they have been trained by pharmaceutical funded and influenced
schools to drug, cut, and or burn. A few have taken the big step of
educating themselves on nutrition and alternative remedies.

Medicine Made Simple

There is the phenomena called "cause and effect."

Medicine treats the "effects" or symptoms.

Drugs do not cure. They always damage while doing what ever they do.

Cutting out parts can not cures anything.

Using radiation always damages the body in general and specifically where
it's aimed.

Medicine has no cures though some people still get well despite of the
treatment. It was not the doctor or the medicine that cured them!

I can hear you now, "But antibiotics handled the infection!" True but
antibiotics also damaged your immune system. You could have used a
harmless herb to handle the infection probably faster than antibiotics.

What caused the infection? The vast odds are that cause of the infection
was not addressed and you have been set up with a compromised immune
system ripe for future infections!

An example of treating the symptom is cancer. Cancer is a symptom. It is an
effect created by an unhealthy body, by an acidic body. An acidic body is
created by toxins (drugs, chemicals etc) and poor nutrition such as is
supplied by processed “food”,
Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and
artificial sweeteners. Related article
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Body Problems Come from Three Sources:

1. Poor or missing nutrients
2. Toxins accumulating (Related article:
Even very low levels of chemicals
in the environment found to cause signs of chronic disease)
3. The

You might ask about bacteria and viruses. I believe bacteria or virus growth
is a symptom. I do not believe a well functioning body would be effected by
virus or bacteria. So I have not listed them as a cause for body problems. I
have a related article
Contagion, The Theory here to read.

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Also two very useful pages:
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I have studied
Nutrition Response Testing. You can read about it here.

Once you determine what nutrition you need to supply the body and you
supply it, the body can heal.

With correct nutrition, toxins can be eliminated expediting further healing.
Correct nutrition can expedite the body conquering bacteria and viruses.  

The human mind, not the brain, can be handled. Nothing is ever cured. But
things can repair and heal! The mind is explained
in other publications and I
will not be taking up the subject.

So with only three sources, the cause of ills can be narrowed down and
addressed. When the causes are handle, the effects will vanish. Pretty

Life is Complex!

Everyone knows life is complex! Why is this?

I'd venture to say that life is only complex because people don't know what it

What is life? What is life trying to do?

Lets define life in the simplest manner I can think of. You are life. I am life. I
am trying to survive and doing so nicely. I suspect you're trying to survive

What is complicated about that? Nothing at all.

Other People are Complicated!

Again, they are complicated because they are not understood.

So let me explain “them.” They are life. They are doing the absolute best
they know how to survive or in some cases how to die! I am certain of this.

Do their actions makes sense to you or me, probably not all the time.

If we were in very good communication with them, we could get all their
data. After acquiring all their data, we would understand them and their
actions. Would you agree with me on that?

That rarely ever happens. Though it can and should happen very often,
even all the time.

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Mind Reading?

Mind reading is a controversial topic for sure!

In my opinion, everyone reads minds to greater or lesser degree. Everyone
has gotten an occasional thought before the other person could say it.

I believe that people ignore the thoughts of others or think those thoughts
are really their own. Perhaps they are yours!

My wife and I just have to think at each other and very often, the other will
comply. My
cat does too!

Part of the secret is liking others.

If you don't like someone, you will reject the other person. You reject their
space and their ideas or thoughts. You certainly will not be reading their

The very action of "not liking" forms barriers.

I like people. My space is open to receive communication. It works well!  

I know I can
send thoughts and others receive them. What they do with my
thought is variable.

Emotional Tone!

Part of telepathy or mind reading is the emotional tone of people.  High
toned people are more likely to receive and be able to send thoughts better
than low toned people.

Life is very top of the
scale and descends down to the level of humans.  
Humans range from enthusiasm or perhaps a bit higher down to death.
Between those point are
many different emotions like cheerful,
conservative, antagonism, anger, fear, sympathy, grief and apathy.

From antagonism down, people are not likely to receive telepathic
communication and are very likely to do things we will not understand.
People from antagonism don't like other people for the most part and
frequently they are disliked as they are unpleasant to have around! See
related article
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Just knowing that, gives you some understanding about man and makes life
less complex. If you can read minds well, others would become simpler for
sure :-)

More Data?

If you'd like more data, I can provide more on just about any of the above
points. Just let me know.
Click here to contact me.  #KnowledgeIsPower!

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